1. I have the same Sansui that belonged to my grandfather.

  2. Valvoline makes a specific blend of silicate free coolant for Asian vehicles, this is not it. You want the

  3. It has already a green one, is it bad to mix them? Or should I keep using a green one?

  4. If you don't mind moving away, go to one of the islands in far north Qld. Plenty of jobs there and you can't do 38 hours easily.

  5. Borders are open again, backpackers visa are active again and there are plenty of jobs ATM. For Europeans y very Easy to come here, just prove you have enough money to spend in case you have any trouble here, be in the age gap and that's it

  6. Would be interesting to know if they worked through a labour agency, herd stories of those guys charging full rate to farmers then keeping the Lion’s share of the money to cover so called expenses.

  7. Labour agencies and working hostels are the worst. It's very difficult to find accommodation.and before Covid the good farms fill up quickly, so people trying to get their 88 days ended up in the worst ones.

  8. It's mainly called the skin cancer capital because of the number of cases and the prevalence of skin cancer. While this is because of the high UV and sunlight, it's also due to the population. Other equatorial and tropical areas consist of people with darker skin tones, like Latin America, Central Africa, and South East Asia, whereas Queensland is largely Anglo dominated and are therefore more vulnerable to cancer and burns from Sun exposure.

  9. Darker skin colour doesn't help against cancer.

  10. Wow, racist and ignorant. Funny how those two always seem to go together.

  11. That's what I meant. There's no difference for people who has a darker skin colour

  12. A nadie le interesa, pero trabajé en la línea 147 en Rosario hace unos años. Ahí se puede denunciar retrasos, que el bondi no pase, q este hecho mierda etc. La mayoría de las líneas en ese entonces las tenía Rosario Bus, prácticamente todas andaban pésimo, miles de reclamo por día. Un día le pregunto a mi jefe qué hacían para solucionarlo, y me contesta que nada, la municipalidad no puede hacer nada.

  13. Es una pregunta que casi nadie va a poder responder porque el cine argentino casi no se puede ver, ni siquiera pagando. Hay una buena cantidad y nivel de producción pero la distribución es un desastre y básicamente al INCAA y los mismos realizadores y productores les chupa un huevo. En sala pasan una semana en el Gaumont, algunas van a Cine.ar y chau.

  14. If the conditions are right you can often see a good covering of snow at Toolangi up Mount St Leonard lookout, head up Monda Rd.

  15. Is there any place to check the snow status before heading there?

  16. Do onions like that, discard most of the burn skin, then chop the rest and add some olive oil Salta be pepper. Great real smoked taste

  17. Fíjate la gente q meten los festivales de música electrónica y es un tipo q enchufa un pen drive y hace q mueve perillas. Es una banda de la élite mundial. Llena en todo el mundo y siempre dieron buenos shows en arg

  18. And people in this sub never talked to a backpacker who makes 21.72/h before tax and works in understaffed places and are completely overwhelmed.

  19. Regarding the hospitality industry in Melbourne. I'll like to ask a few questions if it's ok with you

  20. I just clean the houses. First time in Melbourne and it's the only place I've seen them

  21. But why the post a weekly price if the end up charging it monthly?

  22. Weekly price is standard in Australia. Monthly price seems to be standard in other countries. Perhaps the places you are looking at are targeted to internationals. So they quote the monthly price for easier conversion.

  23. Yes, until I came to Victoria, weekly was the norm. You would only pay monthly to get a better deal.

  24. You can always find backpackers who just arrive and don't have lots of money for something better. If you don't rip them.off you can sell it for sure for a few bucks and it will work for both

  25. Rápido si, preciso no: 500.000 dólares no son 500 millones

  26. La mejor inversión que hice. Usas mucho menos el celular y encima tenés cualquier libro que quieras gratis.

  27. Had a same situation with a hotel. They wanted 3 hours unpaid trial. I just said it was too many hours to be unpaid.

  28. Hay un post sobre lo mismo de hace un par de semanas. Básicamente uno cuenta cómo hizo para sacarles un montón de guita y que además le.sigan pagando cada vez q lo vuelven a llamar a modo de multa. Si lo encontrás, por ahí te puede servir

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