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  3. Happy Birthday!! I hope this birthday will be the beginning of the most wonderful years of your life <3

  4. France used to be horrible with this kind of stuff, but things have got a lot better over the past 10 years or so. But yeah, I tend to scan copies of my most important documents juuuuust in case. I hope it's not your birth certificate or something!

  5. No, it's the pin for my electronic identification. It's not a big deal, you can ask for a new pin to be sent per post...

  6. Ah. Sometimes what I do in that case is store the pin on my phone in coded language, i.e. "Year my parents got married + 2*registration number of my first car"

  7. I think that anything up to 50-70 guests would be considered small in Greece. I do not know about medium, because for example we had 220 guests and we thought that was a medium wedding compared to my cousin's where there were 600 guests, but I'd definitely call big a wedding with more than 300 guests.

  8. There are, a few excellent comic artists in the Harry Potter fandom that I follow (let me know if you want names!) but I myself only do illustrations (for myself and others). I do have a mini fic series more in graphic novel style, but not comic.

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  11. My favourite forest walk here in Scania is in the Söderåsen national park. Walking from the Naturum visitor's centre by the lovely lake Skärdammen up to the top of the ridge at Kopparhatten with its scenic views. Then down into the deep lush beech forest canyon of the ravine along the river Skärån, onwards past the lakes of Härsnäsdammarna and the deep circle round lake Odensjön, ending in the village of Röstånga. At times, I will instead take the longer walk from the canyon to the adjacent nature reserve Klåveröd with its lake, mixed forest and interesting rock formations - and then further on to the wild and beautiful raised bogland of Traneröds Mosse.

  12. Oh wow, this is such a beautiful write-up, thank you for taking the time to put it all down! I felt like I was there. Will have to look these places up, it sounds lovely.

  13. I have walked some of these routes! Totally agreed, beautiful.

  14. In Turkey men and women wear engagement rings on the right hand. Wedding rings are worn on the left hand. I have never met anyone who wears both rings after getting married, one ring is the norm. Usually people have a gold band, women may have something with diamonds. There's no rule against it, but men usually don't wear wedding rings with precious stones.

  15. I was reading through the comments, and this seems to be it. I would totally read through fics featuring these answers as long as the writing (prose/form/style) is to my taste.

  16. The central fire station in my city was designed by the architect Wivi Lönn and represents Jugend and Finnish national romanticism. A bit over a hundred years old building. There is a wall made of natural stones around it, and the past summer they did some renovation that included dismantling that wall, numbering all the stones, and then putting it back together. I'm amazed they didn't lose a single stone. At least I assume they didn't, as it looks the same as it always did now.

  17. I think in Schleswig-Holstein they also say "Moinsen" for some reason

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  19. I am quite keen on experimenting, and I also have a garden so I try to make use of the vegetables which are in season. Like lucapal, the only time I eat the same thing multiple times is if I have made too much of something (and my husband is not around). We usually try to mix up cuisines/ingredients and get a lot of variety. I cook meat max. once a week, and make sure I source it sustainably.

  20. Get the onion goggles. Friend got it for me as a gag gift because I managed to wipe my eyes with pepper fingers. Its just glasses with foam to keep.out the vapors.

  21. I just wear my swim goggles if I am cutting a large amount of onions (like for onion soup). It works fine, too. It just looks ridiculous, but oh well.

  22. And I'm here planning a new Basil Morisclair(OC)/Minerva McGonagall oneshot in the Sigil of Morisclair series – can't handle longfics with this fandom, not yet anyway – she needs some soft romance in her life, after all. I can't help but imagine the ol' Scottish witch giggle the hell away along with her partner over tea and biscuits (have a biscuit, Potter!).

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  24. Honestly it's not a bad theory, because most of the time there has been an accident there it's been in either autumn or spring, when the sun isn't necessarily setting around 16-17:00, but it's fairly low. I don't recall there being many accidents like that in winter or summer.

  25. Italian from english and now also from german (it's still a beta-version).

  26. Oooh thank you! I will do Fishtober this year, so this is very useful :)

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