10 year old at a gun range

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. We need Justin vs Dustin 2

  2. I don't think they're mma people but my gym just got an influx of big spazzy white belts and a couple athletic white belts. I rolled with one of the athletic guys that's about my size and had a great roll with him. I appreciate that guys rolling because he actually was trying to do bjj.

  3. Lately yeah. I've gotten hurt a lot this year. Neck, both thumbs, wrist, ankle.

  4. Dang you must be feeding him a ton. My boy is 6 months and about 40lbs

  5. Weird, the P938 I had never had any issues. Was it having issues with steel case or certain grain bullets?

  6. I tried all kinds of ammo and had lots of issues. Never tried steel though

  7. Interesting. I never tried steel. It is always more problematic than brass case.

  8. Yeah it was a bummer. Fun little gun though.

  9. I mean it is kinda cringe

  10. I went to one Saint Floyd march right after it happened because the narrative was so convincing. Never again. The leader told everyone that no police could be trusted and that if you see someone get pulled over you need to get in the cop's face with a camera.

  11. Iowa put a 2a in our state constitution at the midterms, so there were dozens of posts on

  12. Grabbed my arm during a haunted house. I'm sorta into her and we were the only single people in the group

  13. I've been doing some armed security work on the side and want to put something like this together. How much did it cost?

  14. First pendulum sweep I've seen in an mma fight. Feels weird that it worked, honestly. Why didn't Hermansson posture up when the guy went to scoop his leg?

  15. I imagine he didn't expect to see it in a fight

  16. Idk, Francis Ngannou learned wrestling and used it effectively. It’s not impossible. Yeah he’s not going to out grapple these guys, but if he defends well enough he might have a shot

  17. I can’t believe Russia is even in the conversation. China? Sure. But Russia has shown their arsenal isn’t even close.

  18. Some of you need to chill on the kinkymation hate. This isn't porn, it's just good art. Chill. This sub doesn't have hentai. You are safe here.

  19. I sincerely wish my mind could dissociate this artstyle wit porn because the art isn’t bad I just don’t wanna think of porn when I’m looking at it

  20. Sounds like a you problem tbh

  21. woah never knew this was an option, any idea the kinda flipped it makes it ?

  22. Way way lighter. The handles are kinda long compared the blade so it's still a little handle heavy though.

  23. I think we should all start doing "hiyas" when we hit sweeps and such

  24. If you can’t control your emotions well, maybe you need therapy to find/fix the root cause.

  25. It's dumb that you're getting down voted because you're right

  26. I've been at the point of almost crying after class once. I don't believe it was because of performance, I must have just had some shit to get out that day.

  27. I have a 9.5/10 hybrid rep if you're interested

  28. I was surprised how well the community layout for the Witcher 1 was. It worked really well

  29. Weasle has a great video I'm this. IIRC he won because the judging rules were different than they are today

  30. I would love to give free judo lessons in fact I am trying to gather as many people who wants to do judo practices in Cedar Rapids area .

  31. Still interested in giving free judo lessons?

  32. I'll probably reinstall it and give it another go. It's a bummer because it sounds like a game I would really get into.

  33. Take that reality check pill I provided you with, if my comment you asked for offends you xD. Also, I never asked your advice, so you can shove it some places ;)

  34. Are personnel losses casualties or actual deaths?

  35. This is just the rural US. It’s almost as if the rural areas tend to be more conservative…

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