1. Last year stood out more, this is too similar with ferrari

  2. When t90 had Dave co-cast and first heard the phrase "there's a world where..."

  3. Then you'll speak spanglish and the lady bans you off that too

  4. Did you notice that they just did a $40B stock buyback too, after firing 11,000 of your colleagues?

  5. The layoffs are about cutting capex for years to come. Think reducing running annual operating cost.. but I hate the buybacks that's money that could be spent towards R&D and investing in the company.

  6. Alright, so they could still do the layoffs, saving on capex, then give everyone remaining a $400k bonus. And then they could do $4.4B in stock buybacks.

  7. Yeah but the 400k is for what, retention bonus? It doesn't achieve much else. Maybe keeping top talent but they're already well compensated.

  8. We need to accept the new Xbox players as part of the community.

  9. I don't get why Gurjaras should get Hussar, when Shrivamsha Riders play a similar role. That should already balance things out a bit more in the late game at least.

  10. They need hussar as a trash unit, no pikes and just elite skirms available

  11. That's a smart AI but at some point they should garrison tc and kill enemy scout

  12. Liked and subscribed! Look forward to seeing more

  13. Organ guns I can't figure out how to stop them, they wreck mangonels shooting quickly and knights are no good. They need to be slowed down somehow.

  14. True. Tesla requires hand on wheels and has camera monitoring, and even cheating device detection, while Ford and Chevy allow hands free driving...🤦‍♂️

  15. Ford and GM (and others) are using driver monitoring based on near infrared which allows them to sense driver attentiveness. Tesla has nothing of the short, just a basic RGB camera which is easy to fool.

  16. not saying you should stop but I have had some people quit against me cause they think a third party spectator is my friend to "screen cheat" lol, u ever seen these interactions while watching a game?

  17. Omg the other day we were 3 randoms against a clan 3v3, the clan guys paused and asked why there were 2 spectators.

  18. Interesting, looks like you're in Morodor. Can you share more screenshots?

  19. You mentioned the con of a few destinations had inconvenient pickup/dropoffs. I'm curious could you expand on that with a few examples?

  20. How is Jordan these days, is he playing that much better than Viper?

  21. If you look at the rankings then yes, but tournaments tell a different story.

  22. Amazing how casual viper is with the game and stream

  23. I'm queueing up on msn zone with my dial-up internet

  24. I'm going to try it out since I have game pass and Xbox One anyways. I just hope it do well enough they and not be another waste of developer time cough battle royale cough

  25. I wish I had clarified this in the image, but left is the campaign unit and right is the multiplayer unit.

  26. Is the left one warwolf Britons trebuchet or something?

  27. A win is a win, nice job sticking it to him. seems he's just being salty sore loser

  28. Yes f2 driver Nico Hulkenburg finally moved up to f1. Can’t wait to see this rookies Journey

  29. Hes listed under f2 notice nothing boxed to the left of his name

  30. I want to see the replay on this one, would love to see how it built out 11

  31. I played aoe1 RoR and first time played aoe2 on public beta I played Aoe2 conquerors for a few years on Zone but stopped playing for many years. Came back on the tail end of HD release then bought back into it for DE

  32. I've defended conq push with monks and sometimes skirmisher it works well

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