What are some movies that you consider to be 10/10?

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  1. Yeah, I disagree. Chuck is awesome and takes way less time and I support regular rotation through my smoker with chuck. But come on man.... it's not better than a perfectly smoked brisket at all. The fat is better. The taste is better. Texture is better. Burnt ends are better. Brisket is better

  2. Those are fighting words around here bub, ABs and Gates until I die.

  3. Seriously? I mean, the McRib part is a joke but those are 2 of the most overrated BBQ joints in town by far.

  4. Yes seriously they deserve respect regardless of your opinion of taste, the straight up facts are Arthur Bryant literally helped create modern day KC bbq to exist. Arthur Bryants early pit masters included Ollie Gates, one of Gates notable pit masters was LC from LCs. These are places that have existed for around 100 years and 70 years respectively- think of how difficult that is as a restaurant. If there are no Arthur Bryant’s and no Gates the entire fabric of our city is different.

  5. True but NOW they are just tourist destinations.

  6. I never use a binder. Just let the meat sweat a bit and then season. Good to go.

  7. My 2 locking casters on my 700 are less than impressive. Don't steer well. Kinda wonky. Seem to bend a bit too. Is this common or is there something I can adjust?

  8. I agree with some here who just try to maintain cleanliness at regular intervals. I don't think that sealing the opening with Lava Lock or something similar is necessary or recommended. Barkeeper's Friend and some elbow grease are good enough. Also, it's not a pair of Air Jordans. A little patina of smoke shows that you are a true meat warrior and actually use your rig. Just my opinion...

  9. Jack in the Box Pappa John's Famous Dave's Starbucks KFC

  10. You should learn about your gear and its power requirements. Usually GFCI outlets are 15 amp not 20. Make sure you aren't sharing a circuit with an ice maker or a food warmer or something. Best case would be a small 60 to 100amp single phase distro that you could have tied in to the main. That could be something you contact an electrician for. Then you have control of all your circuits. Not always possible but most venues and bars can support this.

  11. Radiohead - OK Computer Smashing Pumpkins - Gish Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Arcade Fire - Suburbs

  12. I bet that's good actually. I'll give it a go. Thanksgiving cranberries would be good in place of the jelly. A nice, salty, natural peanut butter. Sourdough toast. Now I'm hungry.

  13. You won't need the subs. CQ1s will stomp without them. But if you must, you could loop out to the subs.

  14. When it's done it's done. Eat it.

  15. Yeah. That looks ok though. Too much rub can just come out a soggy, grainy mess though. It won't adhere to the meat and will stay sandy. That doesn't look too bad though.

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