1. NSA - Nationales Sicherheits-Amt by Andreas Eschbach

  2. Well Geforce Now seems competitive now. Its $100 per 6 months to run your games remotely on a 4080. This may be what they are trying to move gamers too. Reviews for it are pretty good. Of course it has its own set of gotchas

  3. sadly it doesn't really have the games that would need an 4080

  4. Are you sure about that? It sounds like their current cpus are slowing them down but presumably those will be upgraded as well. What do you think it is missing?

  5. NVIDIA only let's you play games from devs that opted into their service. A lot of the big publishers didn't. Take Two/Rockstar, Sony Games (except God of War which you could get there for a month or so), From Software, Microsoft, Activision/Blizzard and more don't let you play their games on Geforce Now and these are often the games i would love to play with a better graphics card than the one I have now.

  6. Except people buy one console every 10 years. PC enthusiasts upgrade every few years.

  7. no? i know several people who have 6+ year old builds which is pretty much how long an average console generation is.

  8. Oh well I know some people who have never purchased a game console in their lives so I guess maybe that’s why “I know some people” isn’t the best data point to rely on.

  9. fair, here is the Steam Hardware Survey were 10th series graphic cards make up a good portion of the user base:

  10. I was having a similar issue with my server on Bisect. They bumped up the RAM for a reasonable fee and it hasn't been an issue since.

  11. Do you mind telling me how much RAM you got und how much it did cost you? I'm looking into setting up a server for mistlands, but it seems like a lot of hosters have problems at the moment.

  12. Galaxy Note 8, Android 9, bei mir ist nichts passiert. Jemand eine Idee weshalb / warum? Anbieter ist blau.

  13. Bei Samsung kann man das bei alten Android Versionen wohl zumindest in der Nachrichten App einschalten:

  14. 18% price increase for Euro? Yeah they can fuck off

  15. I would've expected Bloodlines in there.

  16. If you got this on Steam, would it work with DLC bought on Origin since it'll launch through it anyway?

  17. yes, you can use all the DLC you got on Origin.

  18. Genuine question, not looking to start anything - Is there a reason to get these games on Steam when you're forced into using Origin Lite anyway? I got Mass Effect Legendary on Origin because Steam doesn't have cloud saves, wondering if there's similar reasons with everything else.

  19. Download speeds might be better through Steam.

  20. Das ist die dümmste Begründung für irgendetwas, die ich diese Woche gehört hab.

  21. what about the weekly's? they used to be tuesdays at 2 pm est but i don't know what they do now

  22. the weekly gaming bundles now come on Wednesdays and Fridays.

  23. For those of us who got the non-Ultimate Steam edition from Humble, is there any way still to purchase the DLC?

  24. Kennt sich jemand mit der Terminvergabe im Impfzentrum aus?

  25. Is there Crossplay between the Epic version and the Steam version of Overcooked 2?

  26. Wow Zestiria is a higher tier than Berseria? Despite Berseria doing better in ratings (both user and professional) and despite Berseria being newer (Zestiria 2015, Berseria 2016).

  27. It seems to have some plot points from Guards! Guards! and Night Watch, but you probably won't have to read them.

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