1. no it isn't. i'm only attracted to about 30% of women at any time and that's not even including grandmas and obese women.

  2. To get to that 30% & 5% result means you had to assess them for that sexual attractiveness. I would consider that in the scope of "thinking about them in a sexual way" still.

  3. Right? Spicy to most of the rest of the country means a few sprinkles of black pepper or some shit. I remember ordering supposedly really hot Thai food in Tennessee one time and the heat didn’t even register.

  4. When I waited tables there was a hot and medium sauce for the buffalo wings and a common question from tables was how hot they each were. My stock answer was, "I don't think the hot ones are hot and I've had people freak out about the heat of the medium ones so you're going to have to decide for yourself."

  5. It’s the bread that makes Poboys superior to other sandwiches made in the same style. Hoagies and subs usually have dense shitty bread that has the consistency of uncooked dough, but French bread is very light and fluffy and crisps nicely when toasted.

  6. If you can get to a good Vietnamese bahn mi place and buy their bread to make your own po' boys you'll be in good shape.

  7. I often wonder if folks are using their high beams or if newer cars just have headlights that are really way too bright. Cars that are very high up off the ground tend to shine a light right into my rearview too.

  8. There are also people who get aftermarket lights for their cars but don't adjust the aim correctly so it has the same effect as brights on 24/7 when from the driver's seat they think it is just normal headlights. This is exponentially more likely in cars that have been modded with fancy rims, a spoiler, soda can muffler or anything associated with drifting.

  9. 50's landscaping is a disease. I hope if I ever own a house to have a property that is fully multicultural (primarily meaning in the biodiversity sense, although I'm not opposed to the sociocultural one) and fully conscious of what an ecosystem in my zone is supposed to look like.

  10. I thought "we did it reddit" was about some sort of charity fundraiser in Africa.

  11. We did it Reddit! From marriage proposals to suspended licenses.

  12. There's also a really high turnover rate where a majority of people who get a job as a case worker with DCF burn out within a couple of years. That means the odds of getting someone with significant experience who is better able to assess the situation is pretty low.

  13. She might be into reading relationship drama stories. Don't act impulsively, if you are concerned talk to her.

  14. Further information - My husband and I are choosing a name for our soon to be daughter. We both like the name Perdita but fall in and out of love with it constantly. We fall out of love with it because it edges on too weird. We choose names based on the fact they are not in the top 100 popular names. Our daughter has an older brother named Clayton, so, we are also trying to match a name to our son's name. We would love to hear your thoughts on the name Perdita and your pro's and con's on YOUR given names too.

  15. Why are you downvoted for answering the question, lol wtf is wrong with these people

  16. Probably just the grammar nazis downvoting for "per say" instead of per se.

  17. When you want to provide a little bit of suction but her pubes start tickling the back of your throat.

  18. Don't leave out later sounding like a cat with a furball as you try to dislodge the one that got stuck on your tonsils.

  19. Typical EEI. Nobody has changed since Dennis and Callahan

  20. I can't stand sports talk radio, for one I don't give a shit what "John from Yarmouth" thinks about the latest trades. I also don't give a shit about what the hosts have to say, it's pretty clear that you can only sniff jockstraps for a living so long before it causes permanent brain damage.

  21. Aren't you another "Mike from Weymouth" yourself? Why would anyone want to read what you think?

  22. A rectangular bar would have the dimensions of 1.2x 1.2 x 5.1 inches. I can see it fitting.

  23. Even next to the watch I'm hiding from the guards for my fellow POW who died so I can give it to his son if I ever get out of here?

  24. Hahahahaha I love all of these answers and I feel like some of y’all are lying. 🤣 I’ve been calling it whore chester shire sauce but im pretty sure that’s wrong.

  25. A lot of places in Massachusetts are English place names and

  26. Everything scales up with your salary. You’d make your relatively increased house and car payment. You’d have subscriptions and dues, maybe not to Netflix and world of warcraft but to a golf club and spa. It’s just Life Plus. After that is Life Premium. Then Life Platinum. Once you get to Bezos level wealth you’re on Life Ultimate Plus.

  27. A lot of times those increased costs are tied to your career and networking though. There was some study of people's finances a while ago and there was essentially a tipping point where more of your income started to go towards "expected lifestyle" for your earnings.

  28. In 1975 we had a smoking lounge outside at my high school. We had a sit in when they tried to take it away.

  29. A neighbor of mine growing up graduated high school in 1976 and would tell me about how it was then. Not only did they have a smoking area, but it was an open campus if you had free periods and the drinking age was 18 so kids used to go to the nearest Chinese restaurant and drink between classes (the place didn't card so even the younger kids would go).

  30. But abandoning your spouse and family is still 100% legal, and pretty popular.

  31. It was the same in Ireland when the Catholic church had their thumb on the country more like they still do in the Philippines.

  32. “Everybody is Irish on St Patrick’s Day” is such a weird Americanism to me as an Irish person.

  33. Hahaha not at all. No it’s always been a drinking holiday, if not drink then it’s always been a celebration of culture. That’s literally what it stands for.

  34. We were supposed to have it last summer. I guess they forgot or I wasn't invited. That was surprising because the student government was on top of everything during high school.

  35. I've made it to the "missing" list which I'm fine with as I'm not interested at all in high school reunions. It's not that I had a bad time, was bullied or anything like that, I just don't care to go to an evening full of random/awkward, "So...what've you been doing?" conversations where you don't really care and neither do they.

  36. That was disappointing, I thought it was going to be the Bruins goalies hugging under the statue.

  37. If there is an equivalence then you should easily be able to show me where people fighting for equal rights for LGBTQ+ groups claim that if you are not part of that group then you are not a real American on a regular basis like the MAGA folks do.

  38. That’s rough , I was blinded by rose tinted glasses so I stayed far to long with mine , luckily the close friends she made me push away didn’t hold it against me to badly

  39. Worst tippers: Elderly couples and any group of children (sports teams, scouts)

  40. Nah, Adderall wasn't approved until decades later. They were just using the methamphetamine part of it.

  41. What they did was attempt to chemically castrate him to make sure that he wouldn't get erections in the costume, all while not telling him exactly what the pills were doing.

  42. I'm not looking to join you in inference bingo when it comes to making a claim about reality.

  43. I'm not scotsman'ing anything. Nor am I saying those people are non-existent.

  44. Definitely nothing to do with people being priced out of going. Average ticket in 1960, adjusted for

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