Card idea: inferno tower dragon

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  1. You could say you...paid a steep price.

  2. *clears throat* the KING Dragon

  3. Well done! I wish Mini Pekka had a spatula instead of a sword! Looks so much nicer imo

  4. Short seasons work great for more serialized shows like Picard and Discovery, longer seasons work for more episodic shows like SNW.

  5. My point exactly. We can do 16 episodes and not break people in half haha.

  6. Over half of the current shows are in the format you want (SNW, Lower Decks, Prodigy; vs Discovery and Picard). Not yet in the number of episodes and runtime, but it ought to eventually even out.

  7. I suppose its more of how they place the episodes. Three 10 episode seasons is several different story arcs, with minimal time in between for anything else. One 20 episode season could do more than three 10's could for the series by diving deeper into the main characters, assigning episodes to explore who they are and what they represent.

  8. It's zap ability should have no greater reach than that of the electro dragon. One zap that arcs to 3 enemies. Maybe make the zaps stronger, have great length of reach, or increase the punch damage, etc. The fact it can annihilate swarms and recently got an HP BUFF (??????) is insane.

  9. As a System Operator, it can't. The generators and equipment we are using today is from the 1950's in most areas, and the cost to build new generation takes decades to turn a profit. In a for profit business, no one will touch this. Renewables are our only way to increase the capacity of the independent ISO's. We need new infrastructure, yesterday. Every year we come so close to rolling blackouts its not even funny. Whoever says on here that's we can easily increase capacity is speaking lies because everything I have learned in my 6 years working as a SO speaks otherwise.

  10. rock paper scissors, basically the outcome of the match is already decided based on matchup before any player plays a card

  11. This entire game is RPS with a dash of meta lol

  12. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS...why does the Queen Archer still get zapped even when she is invisible? If he can't see her, how does he know to zap her? Also, his zaps should not arc to more than 3 enemies. Swarms should still be able to do a low-moderate amount of damage before getting utterly annihilated.

  13. From what I understand, the Cardassians always had multiple uses for their stations. Sure its part of a mining facility, but its also the first line of defense against attack, a holding facility for captured rebel Bajorans, and probably many other uses.

  14. Dukat was actually somewhat likeable though...

  15. I was talking about MW, not Warzone, Warzone feels fine

  16. Yes, the Mac10 build in MW is OP. It was the last weapon to receive a major buff before they quit updating guns in multiplayer. It's a 3 shot kill before 30 meters.

  17. There is no Mac10 in MW, I think you are confusing it with another one

  18. You're right, I am thinking of the Uzi.

  19. Are you using a riser cable for a vertical GPU mount? If you are, remove it. Also make sure your drivers are up to date.

  20. Try mashing F8 on boot, some boards are F8, some F12, and some DEL.

  21. There are distortions like this, and they can be very vivid but the thing about LSD I always liked was its ability to warp your perception. Like you view things through yours eyes normally, which is your perspective, but with LSD you can view say a banana from the perspective of 40 individuals. That was always such a priceless feeling, especially when facing dilemmas.

  22. The definition of a term is not subjective. A sale is when something is listed at a lower than normal rate. The sale is the act listing something you intend to sell for a discount.

  23. Who said the definition was being disputed? There are plenty of words with multiple meanings but only one "true" definition.

  24. You're either incredibly dull or just too respectful with your trolls.

  25. The billowing smoke in the top left corner is very well done, and the waves are nice too.

  26. Hello, did you manage to fix? If you did can you tell how because I've been having this error for the past few days

  27. Yeah same here, literally nothing works

  28. I contacted Ennis Police Dispatch and they confirmed it is a rumor and 600 phones were not found. Texas Motorplex does have ALOT of phones though. It is possible some that think they were pickpocketed may have actually lost it and it got turned in!

  29. For those of you who were unlucky like me and got your phone pickpocketed, I’ve gathered the following information for you. Send the following information below to the email below, be as accurate as possible.

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