When you follow your heart, love is the answer

Can't stop seeing stars

A glowing commendation for all to see

  1. I prefer the standard gerbera tetra myself 🤷‍♂️

  2. Yea, this head looked like something from Medabots

  3. Non Chef here: That 14yo showed INCREDIBLE restraint AND professionalism in the response.

  4. It just suffered the "should've been a tv series" syndrome

  5. The only thing that can stop an evil virus is a benevolent virus.

  6. never felt more useless in my life lol, not much you can do in that situation except hold their hand and encourage them. Also looked physically impossible

  7. Yea, I'd choose the "get punched in the balls repeatedly" option over "give birth" any given day.

  8. They’re gaslighting us. 4120 damage for two fire is actually pretty good.

  9. Titanium Tennessine + Arsenic Sulfur = Thorium Nitrogen Potassium

  10. lol, i was going for "tits & ass, th(a)nk"

  11. If internet videos has taught me anything of French counting, it is pronounced “four twentys ten nine”.

  12. Not no parking with this project but the residents are primarily concerned about parking. This site is by Swan Lake, it is a 2km walk to Uptown, doable for some, but not everyone. Abstract wants to turn 3 houses into 25 townhomes that each only have a garage, and take away the whole street side parking and reduce it to 10 parking spots that are supposed to be enough for visitors. There's already a lack of parking on the street because many of these houses rent out a basement/rooms. And it's not a realistic location for a family to live car free, yet.

  13. I think getting in and out of this neighborhood would also be increasingly frustrating, especially for West-bound traffic on Mackenzie. For East-bound traffic, they can access Rainbow st, but Nelthorpe is the only road for the opposite direction. Mackenzie/Saanich is already a bottleneck during rush hour, then you add another one a block away...

  14. From what I've heard from locals unfortunately that is often the case. Collecting money, and then disappearing with it.

  15. Sounds like the perfect place to sell my bridge!

  16. Righteous trolls to fight against actual monsters

  17. Because it’s not an Ethernet port. Kids don’t know what a land line is lol

  18. Are you saying this was not a courtroom confession in front of Judge O'Brien??

  19. Don't hold it against the robot, man.

  20. Robots don't splat people; Suletta splatta people

  21. Only a war crime if someone reports it or left to report it.

  22. How about Ontario, you think that’s still within boundary?

  23. Sometimes you even start with the answer and then have to figure out how to get the answer from the available resources.

  24. "I don't care how, just make it work" - Every boss.

  25. It’s just Tomino wearing sunglasses

  26. I bet a lot is kept quiet,for example,the supply of HARM missiles was never announced

  27. I bet most of them are 3 tanks in a trench coat

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