1. Good to see CC finally getting some love

  2. It'll be Christmas time so maybe right where you want me to be?

  3. Violence if I leave, right where you want me to be

  4. If I leave, then finish with that sample bit from sound the alarm

  5. Convinced Violence needs a spot on the setlist

  6. We gotta have if I leave or sound the alarm to close out the main set

  7. If you like F.Y.M it's fun you can pretty much play the same chord progression: F C Am G

  8. I'm here in Australia waiting for probably a long time

  9. Let's not forget the singer at Rockville pissing on a guys face

  10. Is that really considered a long time? I could see it taking that long between platinum relics and perfect relics...

  11. Its possible that I left it on overnight a few times but it's also possible that it actually took me that long lol

  12. Yeah I had to use the slide spins heaps just to beat platinum I think the devs might just be a little too sweaty for me, so I'll play the Nsane trilogy for a while first

  13. Okay thanks, I'm on windows 10, using Texstudio, I also tried putting it into overload but had the same issue. When you mean run file foo is that in the command prompt?

  14. Yes I opened the file with the .Tex extension, I am using texstudio if that helps as well.

  15. Cant wait to chant Who! At the end of last chance to dance

  16. Just the end of day would be good. If you know of any of those services thatd be great

  17. Have a look at weather options

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