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  1. I can't go into depths because I'd probably get banned for hate speech or something. I just find them disgusting and cringe to say for now.

  2. 31? You look like 25! You look pretty good too. You give off vibes as someone who can be really funny. Nice eyes and nice beard!

  3. Piano's are awesome, one of my favorite instruments if not favorite. I hope you have a nice friday night, you have got an awesome beard man!

  4. Maybe the younger version yeah. Either way, I like your style man

  5. Damn, bro got rid of his beard! Now you look like a distinguished gentleman

  6. I was vibing to my music, then I froze when I read the bottom. Yuck!

  7. Lijkt inderdaad op een worst kaas scenario

  8. I have a weakness for gingers, it is just so pretty and cool! On top of that you also have blue eyes, defintely not ugly with all those great features :)

  9. You are the sweetest person on earth... I wish you tons of happiness and I think you have very pretty hair! :)

  10. Sorry to hear that, luckily on the bright side there is plenty of time this year to turn it into something good. So sending positive vibes your way! Your outfit look awesome too by the way

  11. You have got some really nice eyes and a great smile, plant lady!

  12. Happy 24th birthday!! 🎂 You look exactly like 24 if you ever wondered, besides that I also think you look very pretty :) Glasses fit you well, your hair looks great and just a pleasing face to look at. I hope all is well and I wish you many more healthy birthdays

  13. The ONLY upside of being hospitalized: Not having to go to school

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