1. Ok I gotta go but first, here's some of Urquidy's numbers today:

  2. Mina always kills it whenever she gets a chance to showcase her showmanship, whether in matches, press conferences or things like this. I know some people like their wrestling to be more on the serious end, but Mina's the type of character who'd be great anywhere. She's always down to have a good time and liven up any room.

  3. Tam is the world's cutest bully. I love it. I expect Amasaki to have her best match and show the most emotion she ever has or Tam is gonna slap her till she forces an emotion out of her.

  4. This matchup went from “woah, this is a nice match and a really good test for Miyu” to “holy shit, this is going to be a storytelling masterpiece where I’m going to be rooting for a rookie over Tam” in a matter of minutes.

  5. I don't know that I can't stand them or even dislike them, but I think God's Eye is just boring. I'm 100% sure that not everyone feels that way, it's just, like, my opinion man.

  6. I agree and it makes me sad, since I think all three could be likable if handled differently. Heading into this year, I thought Syuri was amongst the most well-rounded people in Stardom. Great in the ring, extremely charismatic and chaotic when she needed to be, worked well with everyone, good storyteller when needed, good on the mic, etc. Since becoming champ and ultimately leaving DDM, her character has become a lot more serious and the fun aspect has been neutered.

  7. Prime Anderson was something else. From 2006 to 2012 he delivered highlight after highlight, other than the Maia and Cote fights.

  8. Because the UFC wants to squeeze out the remainder of Nate's marketability by having him headline the most shit PPV card possible, in a fight where he likely gets destroyed.

  9. She has won the hearts and minds of the wrestling public, everything else is just fashion accessories.

  10. Maybe the real World and Wonder of Stardom championships were the friends we made along the way.

  11. Stay strong man she'll win the Wonder one day! Maybe. I hope.

  12. This is Bombi's 2nd career game with 5 RBIs. The other was last August. Can't wait the game in August 2023 where he does it again lol.

  13. It should be noted that he's had a bunch of quality starts this year, but only has one win on the season. That and the Sox were his old team. You can tell he really wanted this one.

  14. In 25 pitches walked 4! That is insane

  15. I know she's doing well with the NOMADS stuff, but I still want to see her do some work with Stardom again some day. As long as she's happy and back in the business though, that's what matters. Hope she has a great year.

  16. She was advertised as a super-rookie from the start, and has fully lived up to expectations, at least in the ring.

  17. I started watching last month and I most knew of Mina’s looks and personality but man she’s really blown me away with her in ring work. I think she actually may be my favorite in ring member of CA so far. She’s so damn smooth in ring

  18. Mina's not just smooth, she's also got a ton of fire in her performances and plays a great babyface in the ring. Her comebacks in matches against OT members are always well done.

  19. Bubba’s got wheels. Brad Miller forgot that the H in DH stands for hitter. Otto with a solid start. Another one run loss. That’s rangers baseball baby

  20. Not just solid, Otto's performance was comparable to Cease tonight. They both allowed five baserunners, both went six innings and Otto had two more Ks and a higher strike rate. The one negative against Otto, sadly, was the homer allowed.

  21. I don't understand DFA'ing Walker and keeping Miller

  22. Maybe it's because Miller's got a 2-year deal. That and Walker looking completely lost 90% of the time he goes up to bat, albeit with a small sample size.

  23. One of only 2 finishes on that card. The other was Barao beating Faber in under 4 minutes.

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