1. Bro respect if you like it, but these slowed down vocals sound like trash to me. Sounds messy

  2. I definitely prefer the new official version, just thought it was neat the OG version was just out there for so long.

  3. I knew that song on Metro's album sounded familiar, turns out it's been out for over a year with Future's vocal's slowed down.

  4. I don't know. I know it sounds weird but After reading the annual and learning the origin of the heartless guy I think too many characters are connected to him in some way, villain&hero. especially during and around the times his parents were killed. Jason, Tim, Bruce ( and in continuation Damian, joking), heartless, zuccos, his half sister and her mother, raptor was around there. I'm tired of the writers trying to give him connection this way & most characters ending up having a pre existing relationship to him instead of establishing a new one. I think it's a tired trope at this point. I want something new, a challenge alien to Dick and us while both us and Dick having to match the clues and hints to realize the level of the threat.

  5. That’s not even getting into the Court of Owls secretly using his circus as a Talon recruitment market, which Dick was destined to be had he not been adopted by Bruce.

  6. I'm not too crazy about that because it was really before most of the people that I named were retconned to be there and could've really added a lot to Dick's rogues gallery which imo isn't what it should be, but unfortunately they didn't really do anything with the idea up until to Ric era and it really sucked. It was a complicated mess, retconnig them to Ric's backstory and how they were responsible for him turning like this.

  7. I dropped that Ric stuff after like 2 issues but it’s pretty funny to hear they tried to put the Court of Owls in there as part of an explanation.

  8. Ok see I wanted to stop replying but this really pissed me off so here you go:

  9. I merely addressed one part of your comment that I disagreed with that you could never form a reply to, I didn’t mean to make you cry 😢. Sorry for shattering your screenwriter role playing.

  10. I gave you a reply like ten times. And stuck to it. My point was clear. It’s absurd and breaks the audiences willingness to suspend their disbelief to have the bad guy dictator of a made up Slavic country be the former college roommate of the stretchy smart guy hero. I even gave an example of others making fun this exact silly trope. And pointed out that all F4 movies avoided this exact plot point. Building a case that this particular plot element is deemed too difficult to adapt and be taken serious.

  11. Yeah and as I said 9 times “people that made bad movies thought it was a bad idea” is a weak explanation.

  12. It really shows how much WB hasn't understood their own franchises and fans for over a decade.

  13. I don’t know if Martian Manhunter or Cyborg would’ve been any more successful than Black Adam tbh.

  14. He’s a green alien with all of Superman’s powers + shapeshfting + telepathy

  15. Keemstar’s “news” is 18yr old influencers unfollowing each other and he goes OFF THE RAILS about how crazy and monumental this is.

  16. When I first saw a Keem video on YouTube I legit thought he was parodying that type of content.

  17. It blows my mind that no one has gone with a solution for the "Robin has to be a kid and Batman has to be okay with that" thing. Like why not Dick, Tim, or Jason have choose to operate on their own and Bruce takes them in because he can't stop them otherwise? It's not genius or anything but it's a solution.

  18. I mean that explanation falls apart after one second of thought too. He’s Batman, we’re supposed to believe he can’t stop a child from running around the streets starting fights with people?

  19. If it's Dick and Jason then their parents are already gone, which means Bruce's only option is leaving them to the state for them to decide how the boys are handled, may as well send them to jail and ruin their lives in advance at that point, especially in Gotham.

  20. Why would that be his only option? He can still adopt them and prevent children from being vigilantes. There’s no logical explanation that allows a grown ass man like Batman to have a child sidekick “against his will”, so might as well just ignore it and not try for a “reasonable” explanation.

  21. This sub was “ironically” posting porn fan art like a month ago…

  22. This is literally by an r34 artist , why did you post this?

  23. Who cares? It’s not like this particular piece is r34.

  24. Still can't believe we didn't get this album. What the fuck

  25. I still think about how we never got this or MigosThuggin. I’ll always say fuck Lyor for a multitude of reasons, this is one of them.

  26. Fucking clown tried to get Young Thug not to flood the market when that exact tactic is how artists from 50 Cent to Gucci Mane and Future blew up smh. One of Thug’s strengths is his ability to constantly record new music at a consistent level of quality, he should’ve leaned into that instead of trying to Force Thug to be someone he wasn’t.

  27. I still can't believe Bendis wasted his time on Superman instead of giving us more of his Batman and especially Green Arrow. I feel like a Green Arrow/Black Canary book by him would've been a slam dunk.

  28. The Russos had nothing to do with the first Guardians movie where that quote is from…

  29. Ah sorry, tired brain. For some reason I read Gunn and Russos at the same time 🤷🏾‍♂️

  30. He hasn’t released anything since January, next year we’ll probably get stuff from the idol soundtrack. His next album is probably till 2024

  31. He released a couple remixes and has a song on Metro’s album, but yeah he’s been pretty quiet and on tour for fans to be asking for less music lol.

  32. I feel like it’s not random. Weeknd been doing movie songs.

  33. You sound entitled and you're also ignorant. Baby Keem has nothing to do with TDE.

  34. Gotta go for personal insults when you realize you dickriding a record label isn’t winning you the argument huh.

  35. Sounds like you lack a lot of context and nuance.

  36. Part of support is applying a little pressure. Ab-Soul’s album is gonna make zero noise because he’s been out the game so long, and now they’re trying to drop his album a week after SZA, what kinda resource management is that?

  37. I'm going with what Tony Stark said on this one, "I don't care, he killed my mom"

  38. They honestly should’ve just kept Steve as an old man and continue letting Sam be Cap, but no they wanted to tap into MCU synergy so badly that they forced Steve back in the role in time for his movie, and now that the MCU naturally go to the point of Sam being Cap the comics are unorganically forcing Sam back as Cap in the comics too. Like literally the only reason they could come up with to justify it is Steve just asking for no real reason.

  39. For me Steve is Cap, and if he isn't Cap no one is. Falcon is Falcon.

  40. John Walker, Bucky and Sam have all been Captain America throughout the years while Steve was doing something else, so sure you’re entitled to your rigid mindset but it just doesn’t lineup with reality.

  41. I don’t understand the “tired of batman crowd” because everytime a new batman project comes out it makes a boat load then when dc shows characters the GA isn’t familiar with those same ppl don’t go see it.

  42. Maybe that crowd is just louder than they are big.

  43. I think we can have both, as long as they're well made. Joker and The Batman were both really dark but good and they made money. Its OK to also make lighter stories like Shazam and (hopefully) Blue Beetle. It's not like contrasting tones are off brand either, in the late 80s DC was publishing mainstream superheroes, ultra-dark superheroes like Watchmen, adult fantasy like The Sandman, and very goofy yet awesome comedy like Ambush Bug.

  44. Exactly. Aquaman and Joker both making a billion in back to back years just goes to show that there's no set tone DC needs to stick to be successful.

  45. Damn I didn’t even know anybody else read those Walmart Aquaman comics. That was a decent story but surely he has better ones than that? The Titans run from 2016 also explored his fears about his powers a little bit if you haven’t checked that out.

  46. The jacket on Kara looks weird. Funny how they consider Clark’s look too classic to change but not Kara’s. (I’m even fine with pants on her, but the jacket is honestly out of character). And why does everyone have to copy Conner’s style! He’s already lost enough to Jon!

  47. I mean of course. Superman is far, far more iconic that Supergirl.

  48. He probably just clicked on their profiles and saw that stuff was their first posts in that sub.

  49. Yo can I get a version of super hero with no Chris brown please ?

  50. That’s the music video version if you know how to download YouTube videos.

  51. it’s good because he kept the circle tight.

  52. Yeah the consistent artists actually made it feel like a cohesive project, which these type of producer led projects often don't feel like.

  53. Looks like he has potential to be the most popular character in all of comics

  54. This is the third time it's been posted here....

  55. That's good. Different people visit this sub everyday so the more it's posted the more chances different people have of seeing it.

  56. Honestly I’m hoping that when we get MCU X-men, we get the OG team first, with maybe a new wolverine.

  57. Why would you want the most bland iteration of the X-Men? 🤔

  58. Start with the O5 So we can watch them evolve into something more interesting

  59. I’d rather they just start at the more interesting part tbh.

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