1. Or maybe his career is “up in smoke” 🤞🏻

  2. This is just him admitting he's done it too.

  3. OP here...if you don't want to bother with the oversized graphic, test only follows. (plz forgive any spelling errors, it was late into the night when I finished this)

  4. I think you did a great job and I thank you for posting it

  5. With his “bunny ears” for quotation marks. Reminds me of the song “White Rabbit” which is all about drugs.

  6. For a week you are a great deal over what daycare chains are charging

  7. Who are the two besides Tucker? He’s the only one I recognize

  8. Left side: Rupert Murdoch (inspiration for Succession on HBO) and Hannity, as Stephen Colbert notes as a human thumb. They are not worth he oxygen you breathe.

  9. Of course they did because that is what their base wanted to hear even if it was a fictitious version of the truth. Or a complete lie. It didn’t matter

  10. Thank you for taking this kitty in so you can find their owners

  11. Obviously they should give them 3.6 billion Confederate money.

  12. Lol found the guy's biography for the law firm he works at. Even his biography makes him sound like a grifter.

  13. In his bio he says he got his law degree from The University of Richmond School of Law and no mention of TC Williams School of Law. So this is obviously about the grift. Maybe all those businesses he says he has invested in are not doing well since the pandemic so his is how is looking to make up the lost of income.

  14. Will Rogers(early 20th century US entertainer/humorist):

  15. The idea is close but I don't think the gun goes in front.

  16. 'Sensitive meeting place' top floor...nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  17. What's a Peep shows? (English isnt my first language)

  18. It is a show where a woman is behind glass in a room with a window. When the person who paid to see a “show” comes in the room the curtain is pulled away and the woman who is naked “dances” for the person in the other room. The “show” only last a few minutes.

  19. I think having Marge at a children’s party would be so much scarier than Pennywise

  20. “Maybe its time we work together and push him over?”

  21. That would surely shake and rattle all of Texas and Oklahoma like nobody's fracking business!

  22. Hell, if he hit the ground from the fall, they would think it was an earthquake

  23. She looks so much better with this new “dead inside” look

  24. He looked and sounded the happiest he has in decades. It “almost” made me think was human

  25. Yeah, not sure a mask would make a difference on you looking stupid

  26. I was adding the business that didn’t sell news mediums but New York souvenirs, food stands and other non paper material items

  27. Really?? Last time I was in NYC was 2015 and didn’t see them on main lines from Union Square station. I had seen them on the street but not below.

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