Actual union wage sheet and pay stub

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  1. It does look like milk... does anyone know if it somehow is? No way that is pus--it's too clean and smooth looking.

  2. It is for real pus. It probably was a fast growing abcess and the pus is alot thicker than it seems on the video. There is still probably a good amount of chunky stuff left.

  3. Maybe the unique frequency of ceramic vibrating when placed under friction is enough to shatter the glass.

  4. It does has something to do with harmonics between the two materials when porcelain from a spark plug taps tempered glass it just shatters.

  5. Usually people say "Have fun giving half your paycheck away in dues". Not knowing how little dues actually are.

  6. The union deductions here for my trade are up to 25% of your total pay on top of income tax. So it comes close to 40-50% of your total pay which is $45 per hour so it's not really worth it.

  7. According to Kirk Camron the true meaning on Christmas is consumerism, and material wealth.

  8. That says alot coming from him. Is he still super Christian?

  9. If it catches fire, that would be rather poetic.

  10. It's always great seeing pagan symbols of past holidays erected in the name of Jesus right in the middle of the capitol floor.

  11. My grandfather drank like that and lived to 97. I think because he was pickled by it.

  12. Yeah I'm wondering why don't we get back to that people were way happier back then I hear.

  13. This is true. But it is still said to be alternating. Alternating current includes anything that is not DC. Even it is positive during the entire cycle it's still AC.

  14. I've had it explained to me as the hot is the power being provided, the neutral as a control. Where the neutral determines the alternation of the current. Where more electricity moves through the hot and is consumed the neutral would basically regulate that current.

  15. Damn I really want to see it in convertible down mode though- if it actually looks good, then the ugly rage too is worth it- you just keep the top down most of the year.

  16. You really don't want to see it. It was worse than I imagined.

  17. It looks even worse with the top down wtf!

  18. Anyone know how often these stanced cars have to get new rubber?

  19. Alot from what the tire guy told me, but it depends on the stretch and camber they should still hit the edge of the tread. I used to have some low profile tires and a small pot hole or ridges in the road would blow those out with trying to be careful. Edit after looking at this car the tires aren't the right size the tires should look round across the tread these tires would last into the hundreds of miles range before the sidewalls would fail.

  20. Is that even streetlegal over there? Because where I live, that's illegal as fuck.

  21. Yeah mostly legal in my state. Think the trucks with the giant ass tires sticking 12" out the sides of the trucks isn't legal but you still see them running all over the place.

  22. The wheels aren’t even canted to the same angle

  23. It's like a half done one the front just lowered and popped out as much as possible without totally making undrivable. Not totally hating it it is well done for what it is., however not a fan either.

  24. Butcher shop here sells kangaroo meat, haven't picked any up because of the price, but I'd be a fucking liar if I didn't say I wasn't curious about it.

  25. Agree. It's that fleeting moment when the alcohol starts to hit you and the night is still young and full of possibilities that does it for me

  26. Still getting there but shit flips real quick.

  27. Yeah I’m 100% done with people who romanticize this place. Once the kids are done with college I’m taking my kayak, my dog, and yes my guns BECAUSE NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS ANYWHERE and I am heading back to New England. I’m going to buy a 1/4. Oz off Sunday Driver and float down the Housatonic River

  28. Told the wide after kids done with college selling it all.and moving to Scotland eff the US as a whole. I'm sure by then Trump will be reelected somehow and I'm out sooner. Too dangerous, too expensive to live in the states anymore.

  29. Yes the ass of the Camry is fairly normal. They are the white ass of car back ends, that goes for any generation of Camry. Just to be clear.

  30. Thanks! Does that require an increase in air going into the engine? So a big exit should have a big entrance?

  31. Like I was getting at is there are a lot of variables involved is it turbo or supercharged or neither?? Are there headers/ big cam? Does this have an xpipe or not? Pipes can be too big they can be too small. There is a correct setup for every car but this probably isn't right for this car. Heard cars that sound like nothing special and they smoke everything and on the flip side cars that sound like the shit but really are just shit and don't run worth a fuck. So I don't know is my final answer.

  32. Find a good exhaust guy if you are wanting to be serious about building a proper rig. It's worth the extra dollars, will sound bad ass as you want and run like it too.

  33. I would happily be told I am the asshole here but the guy was driving erratically from the moment he pulled in front of me then kept trying to brake check me to cause an accident. When I pulled around him he sped up after me and slammed on his brakes next to me flicking me off screaming out of his window. I blew him a kiss and drove off after I told him to learn to drive...

  34. After watching this several times. It seems the person in front of you feels you are too close to them, they try to poorly convey this by some small break checks then the big one after they are irritated and driving slow. Don't think you're the idiot here but I could see where the other driver was coming from until, they started driving slow on purpose that's just not necessary here and dangerous.

  35. Thanks I just tasted my lunch for the second time today

  36. Yeah all the soft parts pop. The rings you see coming off explosions are pressure waves.

  37. What about freedom of speech that conservatives love so dearly? They don't like being cancelled. But they are fine with cancelling others?

  38. Rosnobirks Russians rip off everything

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