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If you die while climbing Mt. Everest, they leave your body there & use it to help mark the trail for the other climbers (gallery of pics)

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  1. It's amazing how you can use just soap and water to clean shit totally pro tip guys, spot on. /s

  2. You are correct dude new shit has come to light.

  3. The magazine is inserted in backwards. It is probably stuck in there and you’d have to disassemble it

  4. This is a Springfield XD they have a Browning style breech so round could never chamber in this position. The firing pin is also not charged, you can see the pin in the back of the weapon is flush. The round actually would not even be able to get up in the breech even if it was opened. There is actually not much difference in pressure when loading mags in this handgun model. I assume he is doing this to show the weapon is not loaded or in a ready position, based by the clothing and tac vest. This guy probably knows what he is doing. Much more so than the person that was like I bought this and the license was like 15 bucks.

  5. The cocking indicator is visible, the striker is ready to go, the pin disappears into the slide entirely not just sits flush.

  6. You're right I didn't see it had to zoom in need new glasses

  7. And his best buddy: Lieutenant Dan.

  8. They think they are dressing up as white trash. The funny part is they probably were already white trash.

  9. If the equipment is still in the basement it would be worth it, think of it as a business opportunity

  10. Was about to ask if they advertised discreet packaging. Wonder if the delivery people are skeezed out having to deliver something like that

  11. Hey, please do not besmirch my unknowing drug dealer.

  12. From the surroundings it seems like this happened in an Arab country. Unfortunately stuff like this is quite common and somewhat normalized around here.

  13. I would guess Saudi Arabia. Probably had huge ass family. Is used to being taken care of. And would expect the cleanup of the meal to be included in the price of it, or saw there were janitors and thought you could just leave 'Everything' on the tables.

  14. This is the response I was looking for. The broken violin is 100% that dude's fault. He's the one blocking a sidewalk, and he decided to spin and jump like a moron. That woman was trying to use the sidewalk for its intended purpose and he struck her in the face at the cost of his violin. No sympathy for him at all here.

  15. She was trying to slide behind him and is moving faster than a walk, he is obviously at the inside of the sidewalk this sidewalk is probably 10-15 feet wide. Everyone else is walking in front of this guy. The people coming out of the door seemed surprised by her location she either would've gotten behind him and ran into the other people of she hadn't hit the guy.

  16. No workers totally causes incontinence issues. Hope they are able ro pay more so they can clear that up for us.

  17. STEM saved our son from the wheel of school boredom and dread. I feel without it he would have a hard time being interested in learning or even drop out before he graduates. Most schools should be doing STEM programs.

  18. I was friends with an artist for a while, photographed some of his paintings for a website, etc. He gave me one of his paintings as a thank you. Some time later addiction got the best of him, and one day he was in the news for shooting and killing a guy in the street. I still have the painting, I call it the “murder painting”.

  19. I worked with a guy that had killed two people and tried to burn the apartments to cover it up. He did this while we were employed together. He was upset one day about some lady, I told him there weer plenty more out there. Couple days later he was picked up for murdering the second lady he was upset about and they connected him to the other one a couple months earlier. He gave off anger issue vibes but not murderer vibes. He had some perception of the world issues where he thought women were flirting with him and they were not.

  20. So the fire department commander is going to take directions from some uneducated civilian.

  21. How bad would you feel if your greedy ass tried to save some stupid ugly building vs a dozen or two firefighters, at the end of a day like 9/11.

  22. The French don't wear underwear. Macron secured.

  23. Yeah Putins well wishes are double edged.

  24. There's a permanent KKK rally at the exit off i10 pretty much.

  25. I can accept that in some situations personal hygiene will be difficult to maintain properly, but don't understand why you would post shitty underpants as some sort of flex

  26. Has he been eating activated charcoal that doo is darker than an oreo. Not right bro.

  27. Other climbers tend to use the corpses as landmarks, but there's no organised effort to use bodies as trail markers. It's just you need as many points of reference as you can get when there's just rock, and ice, and rock, and some more ice.

  28. Thank you for clearing up the they are left as trail markers thing it was driving me nuts. They are not trail markers lol

  29. We are all super glad for your formal diagnoses! Good job!

  30. So you suffer from schizophrenia? Is this also associated with a bipolar disorder or other type of psychosis?

  31. Yes buddy. Because clearly thats what I was referring to. Mental illnesses don’t fall under an umbrella of “tard” that’s what I was reacting to. Yeah, this person is CLEARLY dealing with something but it doesn’t excuse her behavior, thus making her trashy. Let me REITERATE: woof

  32. Not your buddy. This lady is lacking mental intellegence also known as mental retardation. Having a mental illness or mental faculty issue is a different subject. She obviously cannot think. I am concerned for your mental health you referred to yourself as 'We'.

  33. Except MacGuyver hates guns, like Indiana Jones hates snakes.

  34. It's entirely possible that methed up MacGyver loves guns. That shit changes people.

  35. No missing teeth, no broken nose, still fully awake, seems like Tyson treated the guy with kid gloves.

  36. That looked like warm up punches for Tyson. He has had more fast KOs than anyone I know and he has bitten people's ears off before so.....

  37. Well a million in that time is 6000 per day roughly which is hard to believe to begin with but a billion nearly 6 million people a day is incredible. We're number one again! Keep telling everyone but they don't believe me.

  38. They are huge birds most people don't realize that this is how big they are.

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