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  1. I’ll stand by Fox until the day I die. Good soldiers follow orders

  2. Swim suit Gabriel Reyes that looks like he just came out of the beach. Im crossing my fingers

  3. That’s literally the origin story of his name he flattened the “toughest” guy on his team or something like that

  4. Flats was definitely that kid in high school that craved attention but never got enough

  5. The exact same thing happened to me. I have no issues with any other game and my internet is perfect. Got disconnected and suspended for 30 min.

  6. At this point I’m convinced “DC” stands for “Dogshit Choices”

  7. Americans can get these sets at costco for like 40$ meanwhile us europeans paid 70 or 60 when on sale, bruh

  8. Brilliant marketing by activision. Make a skin you know everyone will buy then change it less than a month later after everyone bought it. Anyone that thought they would keep it how it was is so naive. They probably already had plans to nerf it before it was even released

  9. I’m curious as well. I plan on taking it when I reach 40-ish but right now I’m 22 and am into lifting and it seems like everyone and their mum that goes to the gym is taking something now, mainly trt

  10. Bruh I bought this skin cuz it’s clean but I’m straight ass at this game

  11. No adblocker on iPhones unfortunately. I use it on every other device

  12. If you click the “i” that’s has a circle around it you can report the ad and immediately skip it. Been doing this without fail for months now and it’s a godsend

  13. Doesn’t help. You have to get the 74u to level 18 to unlock the minibak

  14. Bruh it takes like 2 seconds to throw the decoys then we play normally. It’s slightly annoying sure but why would we not want to use something that helps

  15. The man has other hobbies and a job. Leave him alone

  16. I don’t think atheists need religion in order to have a moral compass, but the argument this person is making is in regards to the Old Testament, which Christians shouldn’t be adhering to anyway, so this one kinda cancels out

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