1. She didn’t open the portal. She was able to escape when a stray portal opened and it freed her from her cell

  2. It’s so funny that this came up because in all my 25 years of life I have never seen a book in store that was the full graphic novel. Then literally LAST NIGHT I went over to Barnes and Noble just to peak in and right there in the kids section BOOM 2 WHOLE BOOKS RIGHT THERE ! I gasped out loud when I saw it in there and stg I never bought a book so fast in my life AND I asked if they had any more and they said there was 1 more and they would order it for me so I’m getting that in a few days!! I’m so happy to have them in my collection now and YES I will HAPPILY buy more if that wasn’t obvious by this point 💕

  3. I would have really loved to see them with Tommy more since they trained and graduated together

  4. def all legit my guy. they all seem pretty well kept as well

  5. I kept them in a special place ! They always meant a lot to me especially the ones that were in the original show. Now that I know all of them are really it’s time to put them back to good use! Maybe even start playing the game again!

  6. Nope, all legit. Legacy had ALOT of color-scheme gimmicks, Baku-steels, Dual Attributes, Bakulegacy, Translucents...

  7. I personally would still say the ninja are in their teens because in hunted it is stated by kai that they are still teenagers (at least him and jay) so I'm saying that they would have been around 16-17 there

  8. Tommy did actually confirm that the ninjas apart from Lloyd are adults! Lloyd is the only minor!

  9. On Twitter!! Essentially someone had asked about his feelings toward shipping and he said “Lloyd is a minor” and so someone basically asked ‘well does that mean the rest of the ninjas are adults?’ To which Tommy something like “I would say so” or “I would think so”

  10. It’s not canon that they are currently in a relationship however it is canon that Kai has feelings for her even to this current season.

  11. UNFORTUNATELY IT IS A THING AND YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE SCARED as someone who has been in fandom for a VERY long time l have found that proshipping is a very real thing. Watch what you consume kiddos/hj

  12. SO LUCKY!!!! I got to the one in Florida and while I love it we don’t have a giant samurai X I would have really loved to see that here! Maybe I’ll visit legoland in New York one day 🥰

  13. Okay so I always felt like I was the only one who didn’t hate her. Like I don’t think she’s a great mother but I throughly enjoyed watching her for the first half of the show. I felt like I was watching a telenovela and I loved it

  14. RIP Kirby 💕 Additionally if anyone watched it he also played Miroku in Inuyasha. He played such a huge role in my childhood and teen and now even my adult years and it feels like so suddenly hes gone. Andrew Francis is doing a wonderful job as Cole but Kirby Morrow you will most definitely be missed 🥺

  15. My inner empath is saying you’re a cole kinnie/or you love Cole. And if that’s true you have great taste

  16. I sobbed hysterically at Zanes sacrifice because I genuinely did not see it coming plus the montage with the music made it even more heartbreaking.

  17. Zane and Cole are my absolute favorite BUT that being said, Jay is ready and willing to commit murder at any given moment and if Jay and Nya work together with water and electricity, they can literally kill their opponents. Nya could literally drown Kai seeing as he can’t swim, That being said as well Zane could potentially survive that attack.

  18. I didn’t know the wiki had all the different outfits!!! This is a cosplayers dream!

  19. Oh my goodness!!! I’m so jealous !! I went to legoland Florida but it’s not as cool as this one!!

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