1. This is my first year using the hobonichi brand. I got the cousin and the weeks. Iโ€™ll be using the cousin as a memory keeper and the weeks as a health and fitness journal. Iโ€™m really excited to start using them!! โ˜บ๏ธ Also, really love what you did with your avec covers! ๐Ÿ˜

  2. I hope you really end up loving it. It was the tomoe river paper that drew me to the brand at first, but then I fell in love with the layouts, too! And thank you- I find that the stickers add a nice little spark!

  3. I started up with Hobonichi in the second half of 2020... and never looked back. It's such a great fit for me.

  4. Thank you. That put my mind at ease.

  5. yeah, and I checked photos from what I think (?) is the sale post you got it from and it all seems to be on the up and up to me

  6. [ัƒะดะฐะปะตะฝะพ]

  7. Purchased a sailor cinderella slipper from

  8. I am still in love with your keyboard wall <3 Do you swap them out as the mood hits?

  9. I 100% do lol. Today I just had my daughter tell me which one to use bc I wanted to mix it up some! Iโ€™m glad I have found ways to rotate them! And tysm!

  10. Seeing the keyboards on the selves being so vulnerable to an earthquake gives me anxiety ๐Ÿ˜…

  11. If it makes you feel any better, I've lived in my area for 27 years and we've had nary an earthquake or a sign of one. :)

  12. I have seen this video posted here so many times... and you know what? I watch it every single time. And it makes me tear up and smile. So sweet.

  13. Can you post a photo of the top of the cap? Is the sailor logo or a different logo on top? Is it gold color or silver color or other? I can seem to see a photo of the finneal. Thanks in advance.

  14. Ohhhhh. Chrome on Black on White. Interesting. I am surprised by that indeed. Thank you for sending the photo!

  15. yeah, it's an interesting choice, but I like how it makes the anchor pop! glad I was able to help :)

  16. this is the description according to his website- keeps the smoothness and feel of a round nib, while also making the cross stoke narrower

  17. I might be biased but Boston's make everything cozy. Do they snuggle under your covers? Every one we've ever had loves to burrow.

  18. You are 100% correct! And we have 2 lol so all the more cozy! And yes- both are major burrowers.

  19. Thatโ€™s a beautiful reminder of your father and a great first pen. Iโ€™m sorry for your loss but I do hope using his pen can bring around some good memories for you ๐Ÿ’œ

  20. And I love that she has purple ink. Does she have any other colours or just that one?

  21. yeah I was pleasantly surprised to find the two-tone on my newest pro gear- the design actually looks a lot better with it, imo!

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