1. Why do both Stella and Stolas have bird legs but Octavia doesn't? xD

  2. Why dont this sub have a flair for "the kingdom of Morocco" its one of the oldest still standing monarchies...?😕

  3. Thongs, string bikinis, ass tits and dicks the size of whales, anuses, and cum

  4. I want them to be the way Vivziepop intended/envisioned them to be like. Otherwise, you are gonna end up like people in the Helluva Boss fandom, getting angry when your head-canon doesn't become true.

  5. Why does this fandom think that the characters personality traits is equal to the quality of their writing? Yes, it can be argued that Millie is a good person. But that’s not why people don’t like the character. They don’t like the character because the only thing she does is act as a device to further other characters stories. Even in the episode where we meet her parents, it still finds a way to be about Moxxie. I see the same happen with Stella. People seem to think that Stella’s character is only hated because she is mean. No, it’s because it’s a badly written character.

  6. Stella was mean from the start she is a abusive narcissistic spoiled brat that believes everything has to go her way she’s been physically, emotionally, and mentally abusing Stolas from the beginning so it’s not being a badly written character she’s evil just for the sake of being evil that’s her character point blank period

  7. I rewatched the entire show and her behavior is consistent throughout all 4 of her appearances.

  8. Remove the massive erection from his statue. Everything about him was fine besides that.

  9. Atleast in the Europen royal families they don't do the Incest thing anymore. The king of Spain isn't related to his wife.

  10. Andrealphus is a Marquis not a prince so he isn't related to the Ars-Goetia but he is associated with them.

  11. I actually haven't seen people wanting to rewrite Stella to not be abusive.

  12. I noticed after rewatching the series that her behavior is nearly identical to the 4 spoiled kids in Willy Wonka. So she was definitely spoiled rotten, never told no, and given everything she wanted throughout her entire life. Her behavior is also consistent throughout the entire show

  13. The only credible story of DSP "fighting" was when Jaha cornered him and DSP cried, so I don't think so.

  14. So like how they used Dave to idiot proof God Of War?

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