1. I was kind of hoping we’d see something come to fruition based off of this image here:

  2. If you're on console, consider giving the demo a try if it's still available.

  3. I think Jeffy will leave the house. The thing is Jeffy is still in elementary school.

  4. Ok so this ties into the Chris Farley version. But what this was a test animation which used claymation and 3d models for the characters. In the test the it is about sherk (Chris Farley) finding a Mugger (which has a rumor that he was voiced by Tom Kenny). So what Sherk does is he plays around with the Mugger and stretches him on his rope and springs him to the moon. The only reason we know that information is thanks to a ebay listing for a model of the original sherk which along with it was some screenshots of the test. Also in 2017 a youtuber by the name of Unclesporcums uploaded the story boards and he tried to voice over the photos. Also another listing has a copy of the tape but with no audio also the song I feel good is played in it. So yeah that is pretty much what we know also love your videos man you are one of my favorite lost media youtubers.

  5. Don't use the Demonic paradise. They mix the bible and real Demonology with Devil may cry, Hellboy, the scp foundation, resident evil, and even a little bit of Elden ring.

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