1. Having the ability to fast travel makes th e case for the BoS. I always play on Survival, but man not having fast travel bites when my main settlement is in Sanctuary Hills. So thank God for the BoS

  2. Love the website too, glad you found the post since I couldnt find it either. Cheers

  3. Had you previously put a application in for Medicaid or a health plan?

  4. Sorry it took awhile. But I added the change my information button screen, the more drop down screen, and the previous enrollment screen.

  5. Gotcha. I believe you just need to do the change your information process and it should start a new application. (Review/print application). If it doesn't let you start a new one, you can Call the connection staff.

  6. So what about all the fantastical open world games filled with map markers then??

  7. You're missing the point. Of course a fantasy world doesnt have to lean on map markers to the degree that a normal setting would because they can make fantastical colorful areas that are easily distinguishable from a glance. Dont even need a map or a mini map in those cases.

  8. No what I am saying is if all you need is a fantastical setting like ER and botw to make a fun explorable area then why aren't other open world devs doing the same?? Skyrim which was considered THE open world game still has map markers. Why? The newer ubisoft games have you fighting against Greek monsters to literal gods. Are those not fantasy games??

  9. Because not every developer who makes an open world is doing a fantasy setting? Or did you mean why arent any other open world devs "who happen to make a fantasy setting" doing the same?

  10. This guy clearly doesnt give a shit about his dog. You already had a video within the first 30 secs, but you decided to stay around for minutes after instead of leaving and calling the cops and getting her to a vet.

  11. Dude, the dialogue system in FNV is by-and-large an FO3 carryover. How is this an 'FNV good FO4 bad' argument?

  12. Because you're missing the point. The point was that the Companion point system was not a bug. Its a feature that was intentionally designed that way.

  13. my rule of thumb for me buying scrip value legendaries is 10 caps per scrip so a 3* PA 450caps (max) 3* standard armour 250caps.

  14. Is there a way to determine how many scrip each weapon is worth without having to teleport to the Purveyor to check?

  15. It absolutely infuriates me to know that One Piece gets a pass to all this shit where we all know if this was done in any other series it would get justifiably crucified.

  16. The people who dont like fan service can just read something else. Gets annoying hearing them complain so much. People like it. No problem with it

  17. Has anybody else had their inventory not show the horses at the top in the Trade Menu anymore? The default now shows my clan banner and rest of goods and services at the top, while the horses at the bottom, when I preferred when it was the opposite.

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