1. I just gave up because it's boring being infinite combo'd then being emoted on lmfao. Rather save myself from the frustration

  2. its genuinely a good game idea, hellla combos , but the execution is Ethiopia poor

  3. I haven’t played this game since the mid season update just took look at it because there’s not much to do until season 2

  4. what skins lmfaooooo the creator literally makes them himself , there is no skin direction for a WRESTLING GAME. katy perry is in the shop right now LITERALLY

  5. Just wait until Europeans catch on to the trend! I think it’s unhealthy too because the whole lip and face could tear if done improperly or if snagged or whatever. Europeans bit the ear plate thing and now a lot of them have torn ears and can’t get jobs because of it. They be stealing anything from Africa, man😂!

  6. Yeah everybody can see you make an ass out of yourself

  7. damn i knew lot of people were slow I didn't know they could get on the internet

  8. Yeah, and besides, the game has only been out for 2 months it isnt expected to be perfect. It gets better over time.

  9. because it 2022 games came out like in the 80s

  10. i hate these new lucki fans mf touchin his belly and shit , same fans that are carti fans , same fans that are yeat fans, only listen to what someone else said listen to. i havent enjoyed lucki in 3 years cuz i dont like knowing a lame listening to this shit

  11. To be honest, you have to assume they have super and not be so reckless. Wait for a stamina break, wallstun, or they pop theirs so you can I-Frame their super are your 3 main chooses.

  12. Bro this one’s tough you’ve created a warzone all because you didn’t doge a super 🥴

  13. you still looking for good competitive games? they dont make those in 2022 its either 2k17 just with a 23 fortnite but with wrestling and cod is just wack now lmk if you do find even a good game that isnt half complete on launch though

  14. and people get hyped over campaign betas lmfaoo l.ike why would u release mw campaign without the rest of the game is that how its ever been done? no they just drop shit to get money secured and dont commit on the rest of the promise and all these people keep feeding in to these awful games that are ran and coded by kindergarteners.

  15. cod is atrocious , 2k stopped after 2k15, gaming is gone in general. look at sifu that game obviously not complete.

  16. im the best player there is but i refuse they deleted all my progress and wont transfer it to xbox

  17. Best rifle for close range combat. Faster bullet velocity less bullet drop and a lot of recoil so over correction = straight head shots, where it would just mean you miss shots on other weapons.

  18. yall play this game when yall know it makes up its own rules

  19. yall still talking about footsteps LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i made the right decision and stopped touching the game

  20. shid i aint read much about them but my nigga is THE FINAL KNIGHT THO, I RESPECT THE POWER BUT IDK THE WHOLE STORY

  21. That seems unproductive and condescending.

  22. bitch wat else is there to do beside punish these stupid bitches yall allow to create shit

  23. young thug is good but hes too experimental and a troll sometimes. lil baby takes young thugs music and makes it more mainstream and relatable

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