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  1. It wasn't until third grade I figured out kindergarden might have been fun.

  2. Cabinetmaker here. I have to accurately find studs often. I've purchased a wide range of stud finders. Most of them have since been disposed of. In my opinion, the best ones are the cheapest ones. No batteries or electronics... Just a rare earth magnet and a bubble level. The magnet is strong enough to hold the screws or nails through the drywall mud and paint. Fasteners that miss the studs are almost always pulled out, because they won't countersink. No false positives from wires or plumbing in the walls. The only false positives I've found with a magnetic stud finder have been steel posts in the wall cavity from foundation repairs in basements. Once you get a feel for it, you can even tell where stud plates protecting shallow perpendicular plumbing and electrical runs are to avoid them!

  3. He's gonna be really upset when he finds out about gender-neutral swimming pools.

  4. "Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin never died. They simply became their music."

  5. Yeah, we used to call it 'pack-ratting'. It kept getting out of control.

  6. Yeah I've come to increasingly like a lot of mental health professionals. They have an awareness of abuse and the complexities of it that many in society just don't. Even well-intentioned people can be ignorant of how truly deeply manipulative some abusers can be. Mental health professionals, especially ones 'in the trenches' like who work in hospitals, are much harder to fool.

  7. Mine liked to use animal-breaking metaphors for how to raise a child.

  8. It is much better than a Google search, at finding the right shell command for any given task. Probably half of the top answers on Stack Exchange involve don't point to the most pertinent command for a given task.

  9. You know what we call people who can understand and translate human desires into precise instructions that a computer can understand?

  10. Yeah, I have a feeling the practical reality will be still having to manage NuGet package versions for Autocodegen, because Autocodegen 10.3.14 generates completely different code than Autocodegen 10.3.13 and now the tests are failing...

  11. Someone said that to me as a compliment once and I had total dissonance for a few seconds, where I had to reprocess it and understand that they weren't attacking me.

  12. I felt caught between the 'I should let go of the anger and forgive them' and the 'but the anger is valid and it was denied its validity for so long'. I couldn't choose between the two.

  13. It could be the frustration-feeling, that one where we know it'll never change. We'll never get through to them. It was always a wall. It is a wall. It always will be a wall. So it's tiring to even think about sometimes.

  14. I came to literally post this... but realized I should check first because surely others had thought the same.

  15. 2 years later : Court declares Meta must pay some pittance of a fine for the billions they made doing it anyway.

  16. Yeah probably a good move to start disconnecting/dumping her from any of your accounts, anywhere.

  17. What's satisfying is that the pipe didn't burst

  18. Looks like blue Pex. It's pretty common now for hoses/plumbing because you don't have to solder the joints and it has some flex/expansion to it that copper doesn't.

  19. I had a customer ask once for the same button to do different things, based on 'which the user wanted'. So if the user, at that moment, wanted the button to open the file - it would do that.. but if the user had wanted the button to verify the file it would both open and verify it. All the program had to do was do one or the other 'based on which the user wanted'

  20. Starting to actually believe this isn't a 'war'. It's more like.. locusts scouring the land, a flash mob stealing everything, an infestation of rats swarming a place.

  21. That's the thing I am waiting for. For after, when the finality of "it never got better and it can't now". Cause as much as I like to think I've fully accepted and put to bed that they'll never change, the finality of death is another thing. Not to take the seriousness out of it, but this topic always makes me think of this:

  22. Yeah, I identify with that hope... the one where we hold onto the hope that their 'hard parenting' had some kind of point to it, that they'd actual open up after and be warm loving parents... that it was all some kind of test or trial.

  23. My mom threatened to send me to therapy at one point. I actually wanted to go, I knew I was messed up but didn't understand how. So I agreed.. but that wasn't what she wanted to happen.

  24. I had 'The Log'. I knew full well that much of it was simply unfair. Even children can tell the difference between parents seeking justice/fairness versus parents just abusing power. I just didn't have the power to actually do anything about it.

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