1. Give em a call, so they see they that you at least tried to reach them.

  2. Join trade my guy. Union or non union you're guaranteed at least $25 to $30 dollars/hr. With a lot of room for advancements.

  3. Is there a trade that you would recommend? I was thinking about being an electrician at one point

  4. I'm actually an electrician lol I get to use the ol noggin on combination with some manual labor (which I don't mind)

  5. So japanese high schoolers vs NBA players that have had their abilities increased ten fold. 😭

  6. I was getting 13.7 on the highway with a kc turbo and a full delete wtf

  7. Well are you looking to work with your hands, an office setting, or medical?

  8. theres no such thing as a dumb question in my book. the friction material you're talking about matters more with automatic transmissions than manual ones since those have wearing clutch packs. you are fine to change your manual fluid out, since it is needed more for lubrication than anything

  9. Gotcha, as I was writing the question I remembered the clutch disc sits outside the transmission, but I posted it anyways.

  10. My dot number was on my window, and I always rolled them down and passed thru πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  11. Fuck AI art. Using it instead of commissioning art from human artists is no different from driverless vehicles taking our driving jobs. Fuck you.

  12. Still have all the emissions stuff on it? Mine does, wondering wether Deleting is worth it, but I’m kinda apprehensive because idk it would cause me legal issues in the future

  13. Depending on what state you're in you won't really have too much problems with it. As long as you're not out there rolling coal, generally cops don't really care.

  14. So I'm In Texas now, but will probably be in New hampshire in a few years. I know texas dgaf and currently nh doesn't, but idk if that'll change in nh in the coming years. MY thought was if an emissions component shit the bed I'd just delete rather than fix. Have you had any cp4 issues?

  15. Keep emissions. I think New Hampshire does emissions testing and you do not want to be caught with a deleted truck! These trucks do pretty well with emissions being "reliable" they just need to get hot and have the dpf hand cleaned every year or so. That's what I did with my truck. My truck was operating at a sixth of its power before I did what I did to it.

  16. Nice, curious how you got to work as an electrician? If your 95 from your username is your birth year then we're the same age

  17. Yes it is. I'll be very brief because I don't want to rant lol. Grew up in Indiana. Worked in RV manufacturing. Promotion to boss. Moved states. Skills not transferable to new state. Worked as trucker for 1 year. Found apprenticeship. Now electrician with paid trade school by company. Took Jimmy johns job for extra money.

  18. I'm 27 and I'm doing that just now, it's tough but it will pay off in the long run.

  19. I'm 27, I tried trucking for about a year and some change and I didn't mind it. Definitely did see some weight gain and what not, but my girlfriend is 21 and she has a great ass and I could not be away for that long. I trust her with my life but that ass calls my name.

  20. Hey I got a 6.7 for sale with a brand new 2015 turbo retrofit kit lol higher in milage but it's a good truck.

  21. S&S Disaster prevention kit is pretty good in my opinion.

  22. I work 7 days a week, and I go to trade school 2 days out of my week.

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