Netflix (NFLX) YOLO - $232k

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  1. Sell some put spreads or buy calls or pure stock play? I can tell you back before the split I was fuckin with this in the $8-10 dollar range. That is the future of this inverse play, it may spike but always returns to the mean.

  2. I just spent $286 from a carid email. I knew what i wanted and was waiting for a disco and direct link to the distributor.

  3. Amen brother. I’m lost on the software sales acronyms .

  4. My thoughts. Best have some sqqq come oct. Just MY thoughts. Gl

  5. I saw tool and dmb same festival. On harriet island in St.Paul. The year escapes me 2012? Yep 2012.

  6. That’s great!! Do you remember anything?

  7. Ya maynard sang facing the back of the stage the whole time, with his back too the crowd, but fantastic. Dave was spot on like usual. Any time they come to Mn it’s a treat, we usually have to travel. 4600 miles last year, half that so far. Thinking of doing the hollywood bowl in LA

  8. Yep i’ll take one! Reminds me of the old sk8 or die movement.

  9. Implied vol drop? He sold these so there should be a massive theta drop. He might be aight

  10. “Sorry im new” is the perfect excuse when you spill on someone!

  11. Ya, fuck the police, same as always.

  12. List is not complete without greg giraldo.

  13. Monsatan filthy bastards moved to Germany! Good luck suing them.

  14. I’ll take the over on this bet bitches.

  15. Loved both shows. Great set with deeper cuts. Missed sweet and sledgehammer cause i was in the pisser, but awsome.

  16. Ya, watch out for the undercover police if your smoking. They like to harass the shot out of you then give you a $280 ticket payment due immediately. Ass clown was wearing a iron maiden band shirt in a two person team.

  17. Ya dude, you can sell anything or nothing at all! Fuck those guys, especially with all the post partum issues 10 days just isn’t enough.

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