1. Thank you for all your comments and advices, eveybody has his own opinion on these two photos, we engraved them at different powers and speeds with our co2 laser, we will go on to make more works.

  2. Frankly...neither. they are good attempts, don't get me wrong (and I'm not one of those "let's talk shit and make others give up" assholes, this is meant to help you get the results you want).

  3. sir, thank you for your adivce, i really appreciate it

  4. This is awesome. Quick tip, if you're wanting to get the image to come out darker, you can dilute some Borax in water and paint the surface. Let dry, then do your engraving. It makes a huge difference.

  5. Very impressive, how do the optics work or is it 4 individual diodes?

  6. Uhuh, I think the question might have been "what brand". I think I see the answer though, OP username "Suny Laser"

  7. Correct, my bad, I meant what brand. Haven’t heard of Suny laser before so I just assumed it was a happy laser dood who lives in a sunny location 🤣

  8. What's a good source for bamboo? Where did you get yours. Bamboo sheets on eBay are quite expensive.

  9. What machine are you using? Seems fantastic ☺️

  10. You have that blue pipe yes? Thats air assist. You have that thin soft looking wood - easy cuts. Not that hard to explain laser cutting it's not rocket science, if it's a laser every single one cuts the same way only difference is the power output. Shit and smart ass answers are still shit response Sir.

  11. Sir, every machine has that blue air pipe, sir, you can find one soft wood 5mm and cut it with your machine, please keep calm, it is just one video.

  12. No not every machine has that blue pipe. Well im not thr one who started :)

  13. that pipe may be in other color, all co2 laser cutter have air pumps.

  14. How it assembled so quickly at the end of the gif

  15. The assembly takes some time, patience is needed

  16. Beautiful design & nice technical work on the lasering side too!

  17. This looks great. Nice work. Did you draw it up in Illustrator or CAD software?

  18. This is cool! Do you mind sharing details about the construction? Specifically, I’m wondering about the joints that are at non-perpendicular angles. I’ve been trying to figure that out for a project I’m working on.

  19. This design was made by our client, i have no it. I have other designs for you if you need

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