1. I have a YouTube workout video on (volume silenced) and a show I’ve seen about 10x already (volume up). I can only do abt 15 of Pilates before I’m totally bored, but at least I’m distracted and entertained.

  2. Also, realistic expectations that I can only do this 3x a week. And lots of walking otherwise.

  3. How to be consistent in my relationship with myself and with others. This means trial and error on setting boundaries and communicating what I feel and what I need. It’s a process lol

  4. Never start smoking pot. It created so much apathy. I wish I had dealt with my emotions earlier on, instead of numbing myself.

  5. My newest fixation is figuring out my Halloween costume. I just recently started dating someone and they invited me to do Halloween with their friends. It will be my first time meeting their friends, so of course my costume has to be p e r f e c t. This is strange for me because I never cared about Halloween, and now I’m currently obsessing over every aspect of this costume.

  6. Time....I've been obsessed with my inability to manage time. There are 24 hours in a day, I feel like I HAVE 48 hours....but then it flies by like it is only 5 hours a day. It sucks because mentally I want to be more productive. But I'd rather crochet, or cook a late dinner.

  7. Recommend journaling, followed by watching Billy on the Street, and then going to bed with an ASMR video on YouTube

  8. Smoking weed was why my confidence was low. It lead to intense apathy. I’m actually bubbly.

  9. Denying a salaried job when I had an internship. Got a different job later that was a better career.

  10. The feeling after. Consistency. Results. In that order.

  11. Not much. At 28 I got hips and more solid confidence.

  12. Being out of town so often and rarely at my nyc apt :(

  13. Ohhhhh, so this is why I couldn’t cry after a death in the family. Got off anti depressants and it hit me two months later. HARD

  14. Your gut knows. Listen to that little voice. Even when it’s hard.

  15. Packing my fiancés lunch in the morning, putting wildflowers he brings home on the mantel with all my other trinkets (he is a farmer), baking, serving petit fours, hosting dinner parties, soaking in a bubble bath in a candlelit bathroom with a glass of wine...

  16. The last one—Sent. Hosting dinner parties swoon

  17. Straightening my hair and putting on makeup, or well eyeshadow. Not the most feminine, wardrobe wise, but I think it's the little things that still make me feminine.

  18. It’s these little things. Special feminine touch ✨

  19. Happier than I have been in my 28 years of living. Even though I don’t have parents and my sibling is a piece of crap, I am happy that I am resilient. I am starting to trust myself and I have pushed the negative thoughts from the people I used to hold dear in my life. I am gaining confidence. I am stepping into my power and I have dreams again. I appreciate myself and want to keep myself safe for once. The progress makes me happy. But I just strive for peace and consistency.

  20. 🥺this is me. Shivers that I found this description.

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