1. Those are really good in an air fryer. Air bake at 400 for 13 minutes, DO NOT PREHEAT

  2. You have an air fryer that can fit an entire one of these in it?

  3. Yes. It fits perfectly on the rack. I had a smaller one but it wasn't big enough for the family. I also bought some 9x9 inch pans that make awesome biscuits.

  4. I think you should start giving investment seminars. Make it free to get the suckers in the door and high-pressure them to sign up for your master class. Sell books and workbooks. Then start a subscription only service for advice. You'll be a billionaire in no time, because everybody wants to know how to get rich in a month.

  5. I think it will be Taggart. He will need a transfusion or something and Trina's won't match. Portia will finally have to explain.

  6. That wouldn't work, though. Because blood types often aren't compatible between parents and children. My mom is definitely my mom, but I couldn't give her my blood (I'm A, and she's O), and I couldn't give my blood to my dad either (I'm Rh+, he's Rh-). Both of them can donate to me, though! LOL.

  7. True IRL; but this is GH; where death isn't permanent.

  8. Garments will be replaced with tattoos of the markings.

  9. https://giphy.com/gifs/jRen3r5KuFwur3EuJf

  10. As a transplant recipient that bugs me too. But as a writer I realize that unless it is plot-worthy those are details that have to be left out. It’s the same reason they don’t show characters using the bathroom. It just has to be assumed that they’re doing it.

  11. Especially Maxie who keeps having babies in the woods (and falling for whoever delivers the baby), Then after Louise pops out, Maxie is able to fight off Chloe the evil nurse. And her heart beats on like nothing happened.

  12. His Twitter page calls him an American patriot

  13. https://giphy.com/gifs/dqiIWZ1o3py09qEynZ

  14. Ryan is just shocked that someone else got their hook in Ava.

  15. The biggest segment shown is Curtis whining and whining that the divorce isn't final. He and Portia that Jordan deliberately lost the paperwork.

  16. Jason dug himself out of the rocks. He's so pissed off that nobody searched for him, so he's back in PC killing off everybody related to Sonny.

  17. New drinking game: Take a shot every time Curtis mentions the divorce papers

  18. There's not enough liquor in Costco for that drinking game.

  19. That's one of TJ's residency rotations

  20. He would go after those close to TRINA

  21. I think that Portia administered the wrong drug (with a dirty needle) and accidentally killed Brando. I think she's losing it after what she did to Oz and constantly questioning Curtis. It seems like the Curtis/Portia/Jordan divorce has been going on a week. The only story more boring is Alexis and Gregory.

  22. A vending machine is an inanimate object, so purchasing something from it will not force anyone to work on a Sunday. Unless your drink is coffee or tea.

  23. California Burrito on Bradshaw was coming soon before covid. Drive past today. Still coming soon.

  24. There's also one on Lichen Drive in CH

  25. They're all over the place, but this one never opened.

  26. Neither did this one. The coming soon sign has been up for years too.

  27. Seriously they could have just killed off Brando in surgery.

  28. They had to make Sasha suffer more.

  29. Portia, you have ONE patient to attend to and instead you gotta stand there and whine about divorce papers and possible paternity of your kid.

  30. https://giphy.com/gifs/Sg5y7oNvwYKEo

  31. https://giphy.com/gifs/3gM1liq7Eetk4

  32. I read that it may be Rory. We know nothing about him, so what is the motive? Esme is the obvious suspect, but I think she will stay away until she returns with a baby

  33. I think that it's Rory because he wants Trina all to himself.

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