1. I feel like he's going to get nerfed fairly quickly.

  2. With better audio he clearly says "Oh Barbie" but the audio in this clip is bad and makes it sound like "Oh Fuck" No one is trolling, both can be heard.

  3. You know, this reminds me that I don't like blind casting.

  4. I dislike when the names of the people in the photo are not in the same order as the people in the photo to which they correspond.

  5. Now you'll have to pay for your Christmas present.

  6. The last half of Citadel is especially dense, and heavy on the philosophy. Was thinking of writing down one of these for just that segment.

  7. Now that Humboldt has calmed down it went from Murder Mountain to the Killing Fields. I'm sure those of you more clever than I can come up with a better name for the OK pot scene craziness though, so have at it.

  8. This reads like a prison story:/

  9. Page VS Starks is the Savage VS Steamboat of this card.

  10. They probably promised Cage he could squash somebody for loosing to Starks.

  11. They need to give him just one strap that's not the f'n logo. Let him pick which one of the previous belts.

  12. Attitude Era from 1998-2001, WrestleMania 14-17

  13. I know those are the official dates buy I always like to include 1997. The feel of that era began here especially with events like the Bret/Austin feud and its culmination with the timeless shot of Austin bleeding profusely, which was key imagery during the Attitude Era. The Montreal Screwjob and Vince coming forward as a heel is also deeply important to the whole thing. I'd even go as far as saying that 1996 booking has themes that developed into the core of the era, especially Bret's new found "attitude."

  14. It took me a second while I looked for the cat hidden in the painting like Waldo.

  15. It looks like he left a rectangular clear pee puddle on the bed.

  16. Trying! Peaked at 127 this season and currently 180 ish.

  17. What are the metrics for being top 500?

  18. Currently climbing with Moira. I'm usually best in my team but sometimes I get ranked the same after 7 wins. What gives?

  19. That's marriage material right there.

  20. I like Stacy's sell with that delayed leg flop.

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