Wish I was this organized, hats off to her.

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  1. Neither! Why wouldn’t you creat a space around your fireplace and tv?

  2. Ohhhh myyyyy GOD! My dogs killed two but never brought into the house. That’s terrifying.

  3. what u need above all is a moss pole, this thing is going to claim your whole house if you dont do anything

  4. I have a moss pole. Tons of Ariel roots and water weekly. Should I replant now- during winter?00

  5. god yes i just saw it, i think u need a bigger pole. i think if it were me id repot it as well :)

  6. If you mean the color of the center, it's beginning to variegate

  7. Is that good? It’s never been variegated before. It sits in such a tight clump….

  8. The growth habit is too compact because the plant is reacting to too much light. Turn down your light (if you can) or move to a less sunny location. I can provide proof of this if you want but I’d have to dig through my camera roll. Basically yes, there IS such a thing as too compact habit.

  9. Thank you. She’s been moved a bit from direct light. I love this sub 💜

  10. My mom was a mother of two who never made us lunch, rarely was on time to pick us up and Made us bike to work at the age of 10.

  11. What everyone else said. Depending what I'm going for I'd either a) cut the whole bottom off and just plant the stub in the dirt to give it a shorter stem (and see what grows from the rooted bottom half); b) pull off the aerial roots so it looks less wormy; or c) do absolutely nothing

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