1. Hmmm. My experience is that even well educated people still swear for emphasis and expression. I roll in circles with many PhDs and almost everyone has at least a Masters: lots of swearing when with just the in-group. They are all good at perception management so others might not realize.

  2. I like that term: perception management. I will use it more often.

  3. At that he age knew what he was doing. Better not be a slap on the wrist. He couldve killed somebody.

  4. Get the 353. The extra power and more efficient chip is worth it.

  5. They havent even shown a prototype of any of their handheld. I would order an Aya model at this point if the Steam Deck is out of the question. Mini Pro you're at least 6 months out

  6. Likely a week and a half at this point. Theyve caught up.

  7. To everyone saying he was the best part of season 1 and it doesn’t make sense that they would recast him.

  8. Oh that's too bad. I think he's an excellent actor. Shame he may not be a good human being.

  9. Try a different sd card with a fresh OS.

  10. They look great but doesn’t feel great in my hand.

  11. Exactly this. I bought one day 1 and regretted it a day later when my hand hurt like hell. Sold it for the same price I pad and never went back.

  12. Greedy, do they not already make enough profit ?

  13. Nope. Never enough for Tim Apple's bottom line. The massive expansion to ad monetization is really grinding my gears.

  14. Especially for translink and all buses and trucks. Heavy cargo isn't enough for the road conditions.

  15. My most played this year are: Odin Lite > Miyoo Mini > 2ds > RP2+ > Steam Deck >>> 351v

  16. Interesting you're still playing 2DS. What game are you recommending to play?

  17. Rom translations of Japan only titles like Ni no Kuni. I'm still playing that one at the moment.

  18. Basically like disc golf or something popular. Let's see if it will have legs

  19. Do you have any examples of fad sports that have failed? I guess rollerblading? I'm not sold on the term. I think pickle ball is a response to the aging baby boomer population.

  20. I don't want pickleball to fail. Any physical activity that can get people off their asses and enjoy themselves without harming others is perfectly fine with me. I'm just calling it a fad (like when Ultimate just first started) tongue firmly in cheek.

  21. Plastic shovel is something I'm adding too.

  22. If anything, this should be a giant flashing reminder that the cavalry isn't always coming to help in emergency situations and that individuals are responsible for their own well-being and preparedness. Please make sure to have the following in your vehicle at all times: a first aid kit, boxed water, non-perishable food items, A BLANKET, a cup or Tupperware for bathroom emergencies, a fully charged portable battery charger for your phone, extra clothing layers. If you have any special medical needs, you should have an emergency stock of any medication you might need in your vehicle as well.

  23. Exactly this. Our mild climate makes us relax and take things for granted until it's too late and the proverbial shit hits the fan. I'm guilty of this too so after last night I will be leaving food, water, a warm blanket and a bring a li ion powercell for emergencies in my car.

  24. The city shit the bed on this one. Real bad.

  25. Oh is that what it was on the overpass? I though they closed it since it was sheer ice in some parts. I had boots on and was sliding crossing the road.

  26. Husband left work in River District at 4pm; just walked in the door in Langley at 3:30am. And got hit by a truck that tried to cut into his lane on the bridge. The friendly driver yelled at him that there was no damage despite not even getting out of his truck. Driver then tried to drive away, but of course there was nowhere to go. Luckily, since absolutely no one other than the truck was moving at the time (husband's car was turned off), it was pretty easy for him to get the license plate and a nice picture of the company name.

  27. Brutal. I hope he gets some rest today.

  28. I’m in the same boat! Still waiting to get onto the Alex Fraser bridge! This is a fucken joke. Over 9 hours

  29. I hope you are almost home. Happy 🍰 Day

  30. I think we lost that title over a decade ago lol.

  31. WTF. Heartless and cruel. How can you live with yourself treating your parents who have helped you every step of the way, like this and kicking them out of a home they majorly paid for??

  32. And that's still not enough in this weather and road conditions. I'd drive them to the nearest skytrain station and wish them good luck.

  33. It's wild along the major eastbound arteries and it's almost 1 am. This is unheard of. I hope all the cities will use this as lessons learned.

  34. Stupid Miata owner trying to drive without winters should be title.

  35. I'm using a ghetto option. Satisfye Switch OG grip and rubber bands to keep my Odin lite on place. Very comfy.

  36. This is actually very intriguing. I had a Satisfye grip for my Switch Lite and loved it. Does it stay relatively secure? Any chance you can post a picture?

  37. It does move around unless I use a thicker rubber bands. I’m scared of the screen cracking so I went back to slimmer bands at the cost of it moving a little bit.

  38. Damn. Good thing I lost my auction bid for a slim pen this morning.

  39. I used my a5 pro cc with Rogers for a couple of weeks last year to see if I can make it a daily driver. Seemed to work fine fwiw (cell connection). The phone itself was lacking. I bought mine from aliexpress.

  40. Good luck getting one. If you're lucky you'll receive a micro SD card with games.

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