1. she was also a longterm victim of his abuse, and he was the one who actually raped and murdered them.

  2. True but SO MANY women hide behind the excuse that “I can’t protect my kids from the monster I chose so the kids will have to deal with him”. I understand being the victim of a sociopath or narcissist is very hard and very damaging to being able to think clearly, but when you have children, it is the parents’ duty to love them and raise them safely. The mother should be charged with something. My two cents.

  3. It's something they just did in this country, even lament of innocence is just called castlevania

  4. Very unlikely. Had a condo not far from there (but not in that area as it wasn't and still isn't a great area) and the cops were very much of the "good old boy" variety. They could've gotten a translator, but in my fifteen years there I don't think I ever saw more than one latinx police officer.

  5. The apathy and uselessness of the police in some cases never ceases to amaze me-how hard is it to get a translator.

  6. and this is in Florida; probably half of the police force speaks Spanish & English.

  7. My opinion won’t change. This wasn’t a horrible accident IMO.

  8. This all pisses me off. Is there any cases where law enforcement gets called out and actually faces consequences?

  9. I think it's obvious that if they were involved, they were pawns to one or more adults.

  10. i don't think they instigated it, of course! but they were accessories at least.

  11. Bio dad was a truck driver. This is exactly how it goes sometimes... Really sad. I do blame the trucking companies for inhumane schedules, though. My dad called me tripped out more than once. Thought his girlfriend was pouring dust poison from the vents and all kinds of stuff. Drugs are bad.

  12. It's already heavily regulated, the problem is all the drivers who falsify their logs to make more money and put everyone around them at risk.

  13. pay drivers a fair salary, require a certain safe amount of mileage/stops per week, don't pay for unreasonable mileage over that, and 99% of the issue is gone.

  14. watching the documentary around the disappearance of Madeline McCann (netflix) and my god it is sad. it follows the timeline of the search, and while the McCanns are somewhat more composed on Day 115 than they were on Day 01, they're still visibly devastated every time they speak.

  15. This thread has actually makes me look forward to Mondays! I enjoy reading what people are up to, even if I do not post much myself or comment on every single post.

  16. born into very, very different circumstances and probably had a similar ending.

  17. seems more likely to be mental illness than a murder/coverup, although i wish they would share what kind of MI he had, and if it shares symptoms with his last experiences. (i've got depression, and it can make me think my coworkers dislike me without real evidence, but it doesn't make me think they're going to murder me.)

  18. Symphony is a great game. All of the games here are good, but I do think Symphony is a bit overrated in recent times.

  19. what's the best one, in your opinion? i haven't played many outside of the franchise.

  20. Hollow Knight is one, but a game that a lot of people have forgotten is Dust, an Elysian tale. Fantastic games and I honestly recommend you play them.

  21. i like the visuals and music as well, but im starting to feel like the gameplay is making me dislike the game a little because of the constant frustration . I loved those animations,the artstyle they used, the sprites and everything, but i might not finish it and move on to another castlevania.

  22. classicvania frustration is a real thing. i don't give up easily, but i've quit on the final boss fight before, because i stopped having fun.

  23. What I find puzzling is, why go to the police and report being threatened if you refuse to name the threatener? What could they do with no name?

  24. is this sort of crime-scene preservation typical? why did they do it? it's been four years, and there is no doubt as to the criminal.

  25. Someone else pointed out that this is basically the only physical evidence that exists for the trial. We all know he did it, but the prosecutor still has to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt to an impartial jury.

  26. yes, but a need to convince the jury happens in every trial, and keeping enormous crime scenes perfectly intact for years purely so a jury can walk through is not a normal way to do things, even in mass shootings where the shooter survives.

  27. I hear you. My children are scouts, all the way up from Cubs to Venturers. My Dad was a scout, my uncle was a scout leader. I'm also ex-Catholic.

  28. pedophiles are known to put themselves in a situation where they can be unsupervised around children. Scouting is not better or worse than teaching and team sports and religious authorities, but it's not exempt from the same suspicion.

  29. what is going on in the upper shadowbox? the glare is too strong for me to tell.

  30. Yeah I couldn't get a pic without glare somewhere. Its a diorama of the Death fight from CV1.

  31. very cool though! obviously i never made it that far or i would've recognized it myself, hah.

  32. Yes. They repeatedly say he was really struggling with his mental health but then say there is no way he would harm himself. They can't make this deduction.

  33. the documentary on Conrad Roy has an interview with his mother, who says she had no idea that he was depressed, much less suicidal -- despite the fact he'd already been hospitalized for a sucide attempt, was taking depression meds, and was also seeing a therapist for his depression.

  34. I've already left the stove on without noticing, and the door of the fridge open, too. If there was no struggle, I can see why the police wouldn't consider other thing than suicide, but I don't think they should only see as if it was one, after all, the family of Bryn deserves an answer based on facts, not suppositions.

  35. me, too. i got covid in early 2020, and it left me with long-term (permanent?) memory issues -- i half-finish a task and black out about ever starting it. stress makes it way worse. i can absolutely see myself turning on the shower to warm the water and leaving the house.

  36. another form of sex trafficking: by a stranger, via a work scam, by a ring, in more than one part of the country (world?), probably targeting young women who are not on the outskirts of society, with other young women involved in the operation.

  37. Couldn’t they just have like a small fence. My parents had one when I was a kid, it didn’t make it feel like a prison.

  38. a fence built to keep people inside is going to be tall and difficult to climb. it's going to look like a prison fence because, well, that's the only time we make that sort of fence.

  39. Although maybe they would have mentioned that? They'll usual report if someone has special needs when someone goes missing?

  40. autism is severely undiagnosed/misdiagnosed in female children, so it's possible she had it and they didn't know, or labeled it as something else.

  41. The repeat domestic abuser Mostly Harmless - who ironically turned out to have been Totally Harmful - deserved to be identified, if only so his victims knew they were safe from him.

  42. I see a lot of hate for her family, and I don't think that's really fair. It's hard to fully understand someone else's family dynamics, especially when we have very little to go on. We have no idea what really happened in that family. It's possible she was abused, and her family either denied it or truly believed it didn't happen. Imagine if you had a happy childhood with loving parents, and one of your siblings suddenly revealed that they had recovered memories of being horribly abused. That's a very tough situation, and it would be very hard to know what to believe. It's also possible that she wasn't abused, and her memories of abuse were the result of faulty recovered-memory therapy, like her siblings claimed. That's a real thing that did, in fact, happen to many people. There's a reason this type of therapy is now frowned upon. Either way, we don't know these people at all, and projecting our own emotions and experiences onto them is not fair or helpful.

  43. the only information we have is from her; there's no reason to assume that she was wrong. "Well maybe she was manipulated into hating her family and they really loved her all this time" is a total guess, and it goes against the only first-person account that we have.

  44. Is there a specific brand you recommend? And I’m not familiar with rash guards… I can’t swim so I don’t go to pools either unless someone is throwing a party. Is it a piece of clothing or a cream or what?

  45. rash guards are great. another option is "modest" swimwear, usually for orthodox religious folks. it's often more coverage than rash guards and comes in leggings, skirts, etc.

  46. Dental insurance is only a scam if you don't take care of your teeth. It's amazing at cutting the cost of procedures, it's such a boomer thing to not have dental insurance

  47. what insurance do you have that actually pays for stuff? cause mine does not, and i'd love to switch.

  48. maybe “tired out” or “wore out”? OP isn’t a native speaker, so there’s some mistranslations

  49. ah, that makes sense! wasn't sure if it was an unfamiliar idiom or if i was missing something obvious.

  50. autopilot seems right; they stopped being invested in a way that was ... emotionally balanced. Jess quietly withdrew from the scenes when they had their second kid, and Cassidy burned out, to put it politely, with the Trump debacle and then the redesign.

  51. From what the mother wrote in her letter, it seems as though the father was molesting Baby Doe and murdered her. She has also given birth to seven other kids. If this is the case, I feel for the mother as it seems she has not had autonomy over her body, and was helpless when her child was murdered... I agree that these kinds of incidents will only become more common as reproductive rights are repealed.

  52. this leaves more questions than it answers. how did they determine cause of death if she was severely decomposed, and since they couldn't determine that, why was her father charged with murder?

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