1. I’m really scared of whales(whales r cool, they look cool and their sounds r cool, but it’s irrational.) I sorta feel similar to hippos but it’s like bad. None of these are genuine phobias. AND naval mines, they’re the WORST. I blame Nemo. I have such a hard time looking at them, they’re so ominous, why did we put that in the water?? And as a child I’ve always been terrified of puppets(I blame sh!t kids cartoons) and clowns(kinda), like the McDonald’s clown was near me once irl and I wanted to be nowhere near it. That’s it from the top of my head.

  2. I have the same fear because of finding nemo! I got scared of whales from the Christian bible- jonah and the whale (my kids bible had pictures) so I was petrified of taking a bath for years

  3. I am relieved someone else has that map fear too! I tried a VR headset today and could not tolerate it at all, I don't know why I can't but it's similar to that map/zoom in feeling

  4. It's been about 2 hours since I finished the movie and I think I've developed a general interpretation that can be used as a lens to understand some major themes of the film.

  5. I was looking for exactly this interpretation of Jupe and Gordy's interaction!. Gordy reacted to threat therefore Jupe was not considered a threat, or was potentially viewed as fellow exploitee. I like to think Peele is distinguishing between Jupe as a child with no intention to manipulate/exploit and Adult Jupe who moves to exploit Jean Jacket, OJ and Em. For me, Jupe characterised the way in which our connection to survival itself is corrupted.

  6. That sounds really rough Burnout sucks so much! I want to figure out how to pay someone just to take on the role of my executive functions because life is almost impossible,

  7. I am not sure if anyone has already said this (I can't go through all the comments/so apologies in advance).

  8. Sounds like it could be dreadful anxiety? I worked out it's to do with not being in control so it's probably both :) thanks

  9. It might be dread, I was working on it today and it might have something to with feeling unvalued? Not sure. Thank you for responding :)

  10. I struggle with this as well, I have started to get around it by using physical examples to explain things (I'm not formally diagnosed). To help my partner understand what it was like to be me (how I felt) I put a blanket over his eyes and got him to trade items with me from a washing basket to get this packet of oreos which was the "goal". He had to figure out without sight or asking questions what pattern I was using to trade with to get the "goal". He found it difficult and said he can understand why its difficult for me to communicate as I work off patterns. But that's what it feels like for me anyway, may not be the same for others. Hope that's helpful.

  11. Ooooo I love this example! What a brilliant way of having your partner understand your experience! I default to using word-pictures a lot. I told a friend that sometimes, talking feels like playing catch, and other times it feels like pushing a honey-covered baseball through sand. I use examples from movies or TV shows a lot (and have a ton of distress when someone hasn't seen the movie/show because it means I don't know how to explain myself to them).

  12. You are welcome :) I too panic when I'm trying to link in with someone using movie/TV examples and they haven't seen it

  13. 100% agree, I relate it to living in the Truman Show

  14. "Against all odds, infiltrate, storm the gate" I haven't seen that movie for ages and someone said infiltrate yesterday and it's not leaving

  15. Absolutely, I don't know whether anyone else has termed this but I call it "the gap" (from the anime fruits basket the original).

  16. False cause logical fallacy, just because they appear together doesn't imply correlation. That argument is upsetting :(

  17. ADHD and ASD trigger each other for me; feeling bored in self imposed cocooning -> excitement over new idea to fix boredom -> rigorous plans/ can't stop researching/isolation -> overstimulated/meltdown/shutdown -> fear of my plans/disillusionment/back to cocoon. If you have seen Black Books where Manny and Bernard write that elephant book that's exactly what my process in life looks like (to be fair the cocoon is rarely optional, so it's not entirely self-imposed)

  18. Okay this is seriously me! I don’t even know how to go about fixing it and I feel like I self sabotage 😭

  19. I am not sure if it needs fixing or if it's something that can be reverse engineered to work somehow, I know how you feel with self-sabotage 😞

  20. Thank you. And has anyone else not dealt with a blackout drunk and drug user? They do not remember a lot of what they say and do and swear up and down, scream at you that they did not do what they did. Scrolling your wife is a slut in your blood, is this normal behavior? There are articles about his extraordinary drinking and drug use, $30,000/month on wine. He hangs out with his good friend (his words) Marilyn Manson so God's sake. And those text messages with Paul Bettany...

  21. On a side note: I feel bad for his ex-wife (VP) with those texts as it sounds like she was supporting him/sounded like they had a good marriage

  22. I am sorry that you are feeling this way, it's so hard; I feel the same too. For me it's disillusioning and impossible to stop thinking about because it's an unresolved problem that's painful to carry. I'm looking into talking to someone, maybe they might surprise me. Sorry if that's not helpful

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