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  1. That’s a Calathea! I have one too! I almost killed it but she’s doing well again now! :)

  2. thankyou for ID-ed this. glad that she's doing well! :)

  3. looks like thousands layers/lodolite/quartz with inclusions

  4. looks like aventurine rather than amazonite. i have both rocks and amazonite usually more blue/teal

  5. how to see the perfection tracker ? i never knew it exists

  6. blue lace agate (outer) amethyst (inner) geode. though it looks like smoky quartz (or dyed) rather than amethyst from the picture

  7. does it have any flash ? looks like labradorite

  8. green sphere and all the cresent moons are moss agate

  9. Thank you!! My family owns a store (not disclosing our store or advertising just to clarify) and we’re about to put these out for sale. This was just a few of the several pound bag we purchased from our wholesaler 😃 I think they will sell fast tho!

  10. I've been looking for raw orange calcite like this.they usually sell it polished as a sphere on my local shop (not in the states unfortunately). i bet they will sell fast ! good luck with your family business 😊

  11. What are tel tail signs to look for if it is Serpentine? It was found in ontario with limestone bedrock.

  12. serpentine actually has some sub groups that can be found in Canada you can check it on mindat.

  13. shiny wailord !! first time i saw someone on this sub also like shiny wailord :hi5:

  14. first two are amethyst-stalactite slices 3-4 are agate/jasper

  15. this show has so many good quotes, its time to rewatch it for the millionth time

  16. the more i rewatch it, the more characters i can relate to

  17. (from top) amethyst, lapis lazuli, sodalite, aventurine, tiger eye, carnelian/sunstone, jasper

  18. it looks more like pink amethyst geode than a clear quartz. but pink amethyst also in quartz category. so technically right

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