1. I'm worried about my health. I want to lose weight. I want to help my anxiety. To be productive in the evenings. To sleep well and feel good in the morning. To achieve my goals instead of using alcohol to not think about how difficult it is. I want clarity and better relationships with my family and boyfriend.

  2. Oh she’s basically telling Lizer to eat his own ass, but Missy-style

  3. You literally said you never understood??? But cool back track

  4. I think these are appropriate for 15 years old. The sexual assault scene is the only thing in it that would make me hesitant. I think 13 might be a little young for that but I think 13 and up definitely read these and 15 is mature enough to handle it. It can't hurt to ask your mum, the decision to buy them for you is hers and you (technically) don't have to admit you've already read it if you are worried about getting told off for that.

  5. I see what happened now. I'm gonna make a fresh team to level scale the gyms and bench my current team for now I guess.

  6. Nemona's team levels depend on how many badges you have, not depending on which gym you face. Im guessing that was your third gym?

  7. Yeah, it was. I did two titans in between gym 2 and 3 and grinded to beat them

  8. Yeah people have said this. My granny is extremely fussy and it's a toss up of whether she will actually eat her food as it is. I've thought about putting own brand stuff in name brand boxes... if she saw the own brand box she would say she's not hungry and not eat at all.

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