AITA for reading my coworker's fanfiction in front of everyone at work?

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  1. Just started playing Hades on switch last night, it's a very fun and very addictive dungeon crawler

  2. I'd say Taranee has an athletic build. She is just more "developed" than Will and Hay Lin and not as slender as Cornelia. Her clothing in early issues is not too flattering but when she wears something more feminine it is clear she is not as chubby as Irma. Irma dislikes sports but I also think she is naturally curvy.

  3. All seasons bring blessings. But I'm sorry you have to suffer with seasonal depression, that must be really hard for you. Rejoice for the arrival of Fall!

  4. I know we are talking about arc 1 and 2 here, but I think Taranee's behavior in arc 3 makes her the worst guardian overall

  5. Of all the nicknames Alison gave to people loser Mona is by far the worst (not meanest just uncreative)

  6. I have 8 hearts with Shane. Do I need to date him to unlock blue chickens? I still can't buy them from Marnie's.

  7. I bought the first two arcs (volume 1-6). Guess now is the best time to finally buy the third arc.

  8. It's so weird, I neglected my teeth for about 20 years but I never had too many problems except my teeth aren't sparkly white. Could it be dietary?

  9. There can be many reasons, including genetic pre disposition and under lying conditions. Either way if I had treated my teeth better I would not have made this mess.

  10. I feel dumb for thinking I can't change my rooms around ie have the bedroom at the back. Your house looks sick, defo taking inspiration.

  11. I've been thinking about something like this lately. It feels like the festivals they are attending to are too small events for a huge band like them, weird...

  12. I hear what you're saying but I respect the humility of such an awesome band with a huge legacy for showing up. Especially after the last few years we've had of so many gigs and festivals being postponed and cancelled, the industry and fans have suffered. Doing it for the fans 😁🤘

  13. Did they also do How's the Heart? Full band or only Floor and Troy?

  14. Which shop? I need to get my hands on this even if it's all in Finnish/Swedish.

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