1. I tried searching your description, and this video came up, I think it matches pretty well:

  2. I have recent experience with this, as my parent's invested in a LTC plan (back when they were somewhat affordable). The main problem with them is twofold:

  3. I've thought about it. Part of my plan is that once I'm in assisted living or a nursing home I would expect I would have minimal expenses - I'm not going to be travelling or going out to restaurants or other expensive activities.

  4. Yes and no. I’m in technical sales making around $200K a year. 20 years post schooling here. Bachelors degree in Chemistry - yes! I also got a PhD in Chemistry, which is not needed for my chosen profession. I like to say I was educated to within an inch of my life.

  5. We have a family friend rent out a $2M house on the west side of Los Angeles for $5000 a month. There’s no mortgage on the property and it’s been owned for over 40 years by the owner. Taxes are exceedingly low.

  6. Korean person here and they are a must! If you don’t wanna do the whole rice cooker business those cups give you that standard sticky rice love in a fraction of the time! PS I drip about a teaspoon and half of water on the underside of the lid prior to microwave to make it have that “steamed rice” feel!

  7. Thank you so much for the water suggestion! My husband finds the rice too sticky, so we rarely eat it anymore. I’m going to try your tip!

  8. Let me tell you something: I left a great company two years ago for promised job growth and a big pay jump.

  9. I’ve had children in public school and private school, because my spouse and I wanted to support the concept and ideal of public education.

  10. Do you think the earlier years or later years are more important for doing private school? I ask because we’re starting public kindergarten in the Fall for our first kid for the same reasons you mentioned doing it, but I have some reservations.

  11. It’s tough to answer. They really need to get their fundamentals down early, and one of my children never really got her math shit down, and the school let it slide. It’s haunted her ever since, as she’s progressed to older grades. So I think my answer is that younger in private school is better.

  12. We are in a similar situation. And yet I’m terrified of being laid off at work. My husband was out of work for TWO YEARS, and yet we were fine financially. So clearly my fear is not too grounded in reality, either.

  13. I’ve had commission checks (and regular payroll checks) where withholding the amount for 401K would exceed the limit. It’s never been an issue - the payroll department knows when you’ve got the maximum and they won’t overfund it. Don’t even worry about it.

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