1. The ones they were giving to civilians and military were not approved. Are you that dense you dont understand that. They approved one than used a different one. And lets not pretend the Billions upon Billions of dollars Big Pharma has paid out over the years because of their shady practices that has harmed tons of people.

  2. Not sure if you are paying attention to the time that we are in but Liberals do not care about context when trying to cancel people over 10 year old Tweets. Just look at Lebron bringing up a 70 year old Pic of Jerry Jones.

  3. What's your point? That we should be cancelling people for 10 year old tweets, or we shouldn't be?

  4. I'm saying the left has no issue reframing the past and judging it by todays standards. So why should this be any different?

  5. He's old though; back in his day it was normal for politicians to go around kissing babies and stuff to show they were compassionate or whatever.

  6. I have never seen any other politician groping kids and sniffing their hair. Why you defend this Pedo so hard?

  7. Wait until he stops draining the reserve. UP UP AND AWAY

  8. Big W, another second half shutout and whole game this week, hope the injuries arent severe 🙏🏾

  9. Buy one of the new ones with MIMO technology. It's made to have different streams that are independent of each other and also has more than enough throughput. something like [this] (

  10. If he was a good dad Wilson would have known better than to say it at all.

  11. “It’s been a long time,” the Awful theme song from Enterprise, is a fine example of why I think Diane Warren Sucks

  12. If they come up with anything that isn't small potatoes I will be presently surprised. I just have zero faith in congressional investigations

  13. They will come up with a lot and Dems will says it's nothing, just like when they found nothing on Trump but Dems said it was a smoking gun.

  14. What did they investigate and what was the nothing burger?

  15. Are you being serious or do you just not pay attention to anything?

  16. At least she is stepping down, We still got cocaine Mitch holding on to the Senate.

  17. What's shocking is that vid of Alex Jones from 2002 predicting the attempted WEF takeover (which he accurately calls the "NWO" or "one world government"), which eventually was named the Great Reset. This plan for a cashless society and social scores must have been around a few decades.

  18. All of this has been predicted for centuries. Pick up a bible. Bible talks about exactly this.

  19. Your information is not on your ballot so youre either an idiot or too young to know. or both

  20. As a Republican I dont think it was a gay lover. I think it was some unhinged lunatic. But man is it funny seeing all the people talking about it being a gay lover. That however is the only humorous thing about this. Regardless of whether you think the Pelosi's are scum or not you should not wish for this to happen to anyone, And I pray he makes a full recovery.

  21. Oh yeah Hitler was big in civil liberties, the right to association, and workers rights.

  22. He was, as long as he liked your race. Same for you only instead of race its politics.

  23. If being right makes me stupid than so be it. But facts don't care about your feelings.

  24. You know crime rose less in cities with progressive DA's than in areas with "traditional" or "conservative" DA's, yeah?

  25. Let’s breakdown those states and see where the crime is. It’s in the Democrat run cities. The 10 most violent cities are all run by Dems.

  26. Fun talking points from the right, but the reality is that the defund the police movement is more about demilitarizing the police (which is where they spend discretionary budget on equipment) and focus on community policing. But if you want a paramilitary policeman pulling you over, then you do you. You'll love South America.

  27. How is that working out for the cities that tried that?

  28. The cOmMiTtEe'S days are numbered anyway. 12 days from now, they'll find out just how badly their witchhunt was rejected, and it will have all blown up in their disgusting faces.

  29. Republicans wont do anything. they never do. It's all a show on both sides.

  30. Absolutely gross, and totally unnecessary. The public should never have to finance sports stadiums. Considering how many folks live in NY and don’t even watch sports - let alone are fans of other teams - it’s asinine to think we should all pay for this.

  31. Or the fact you pay for a stadium that you now have to pay an arm and leg to get into to watch a game. Like WTF.

  32. It’s literally the same damn conversation since the 2020 season. The same damn Jimmy G Stan’s with the same damn takes. It’s always everybody else fault except for Jimmy’s.

  33. When was the last time this team had a good O Line that didn't depend on Jimmy's release being so quick?

  34. Printing a bunch of money leading to hyper inflation and censoring the press. Where have we seen that one before?

  35. Germany had hyper inflation before Hitler came into power. His rise had a lot to do with the inflation.

  36. I can’t stand Jimmy stans. It’s always the same. Has an above average (at best) game and they all love him. Then he loses us every other game. I’ve never seen our team make plays like this chiefs team with Jimmy at QB. Not ONCE.

  37. Dude has no time to throw, our line is terrible and the only reason we compete is he has such a fast release.

  38. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion

  39. Blind? Caused by both sides? Keep licking Putin’s boot yikes lol

  40. Hey now, Putin told him that the the Jewish President is running a Nazi country. How dare you question that.

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