1. It’s on the console and pc version of Xbox Game Pass. So you could sign up for a month or get the $1 trial offer if you’ve never used the service before, and then get to play the game that way.

  2. This is asked a lot here, so I’ll just repost a this…

  3. Steam deck. With Yuzu emulator you can play Switch games on it anyway.

  4. Not going to lie, this seems to be an American problem, since here in Europe I never really had that issue but that one time I went to see Prometheus in Florida? Oh boy...

  5. Believe me, it’s equally as bad in Europe, if not worse. Dickheads are worldwide when it comes to cinema etiquette.

  6. Get the Xbox app on your phone / tablet or whatever and you’ll be able to install the game that way to your console. Search for the game in the app and it’ll let you download to console without buying it, a pre-install of sorts.

  7. Get a Series X and install RetroArch on it and you’ll be able to play all the PS1, PS2, and PSP games you want.

  8. That’s true about your currency balance not being converted when you switch regions on Xbox. But you don’t actually loose your currency, it’ll be there if you ever switch back to that other region.

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