1. Not a movie, but here’s “Real American” used in one of the best tv shows ever made

  2. Aliens - Fireteam Elite is just like WWZ, but with an Aliens theme. I play WWZ too and enjoyed Aliens - Fireteam just as much, it’s worth a look.

  3. Oh really? I thought there was a way to download emulators

  4. Series X all the way, you can run emulators on it no problem. Just go down the YouTube rabbit hole and there’s plenty of detailed guides and tutorials there to get you up and running in no time.

  5. whats the best way to dodge the spitters? when their in the mix with the other enemies they cause me some trouble

  6. You don’t. Best way to deal with them is to use your power glove and either bring them straight to you and kill them with your melee weapon or fling them into a damaging environment to kill them that way.

  7. You can run it using emulation on the Series X either with Dolphin or Retroarch emulators. Here you go, here’s the guide to get it set up, just follow that and you’re good…

  8. Still waiting for continuous footage of this game's combat that's longer than a few seconds and doesn't consist mostly of fatality animations. At this point it's comical how little there is. I thought there'd be something in a "combat explained" video, but the longest clips in there are still only a few seconds long.

  9. There’s a 40 minute gameplay video they released a few months back, knock yourself out.

  10. Even better option is to get the IKEA Ladda batteries instead. They’re the exact same as the Eneloop just cheaper. They’re basically unbranded Eneloop’s.

  11. Some of the games I’ve played and enjoyed on Game Pass you might be into…

  12. I have one and love it. That’s a great price for the 75” version. Didn’t think they were out in the US yet or are you just converting your local currency into dollars?

  13. The original price is $2,300 but currently is on offer. This is the price in Middle East.

  14. For the sale price, you can’t go wrong with it. That’s a bargain.

  15. Both great games. If you’ve played Res Evil 7 previously, then Villiage is a continuation of the story. If you’ve not played RE7, then I’d pick that up first, it’s the better game of the bunch.

  16. It’s ok at that price, and it’s got massive gameplay improvements and bugs fixed since it originally released through a lot of patches. It should be a lot better to play now than when it first came out.

  17. I loved the original Forsaken. Driving space ships around tight corridors looking for treasures and fighting enemy robots and other players.

  18. Seems like the dude just woke up out of a coma or something. I think they’re talking about the demo for the PS5 game ‘Forspoken’ that was released two weeks ago at the Game Awards show and has been covered by every game news site and posted on all the gaming subs here since then.

  19. Yeah i don't feel it's worth $32 considering I can play all the games on my laptop for free and hook the laptop to my TV for full screen. Like yeah I want the collection but even $32 is still too much.

  20. You could look into installing Retroarch on your Xbox and playing the games that way? I have all the old TMNT games running via Retroarch on my old PS Vita. They’ll run absolutely fine on a Series S / X.

  21. Yes, buy the digital version of RDR and the Undead Nightmare DLC via the Xbox store and that one should work fine.

  22. As far as I remember it’s a DLC through the original RDR instead of separate versions like the GOTY disc version.

  23. You’re shit outta luck there bud. There’s two versions of FIFA, Xbox One version and Series X/S version. You’re gonna need the Xbox One version to play on your One S.

  24. I want this tv. Been trying to figure out if we have this model in Europe. Looks dope, OP

  25. It’s the C835 model in Europe. They’ve been out for a while now. Then there’s the even more advanced C935 with better sound and more local dimming zones. The C935 hasn’t hit the US market yet, it’s only available in EU and a couple of other regions.

  26. As a both console owner, PS5 and Series X and frequent both subreddits, I can say that if you think the Series X sub is bad well the PS5 sub is the worst sub I’ve ever been in in all my years on Reddit.

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