Mark Cuban started a pharmaceutical company with reasonable prices, and some of the drugs they provide are barely even 0.5% of the price that other pharmaceutical companies charge (especially for leukemia medication)!!!

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  1. Breastfeeding is also the fastest way to calm an adult male. He had a bad day at work? Boob. He hurt himself while doing yard work? Boob. Caught him posting on Reddit again? Boob. The in-laws are coming over? Boob. You put on the red lingerie instead of the black? Boob.

  2. Growing up, from watching TV I’d somehow assumed they were like gentlemen’s clubs … I knew they had pokies in the because you can usually see them walking past but I assumed there was more once inside 😂

  3. Swiss Miss and Baking Soda wouldn't be enough to create an American section

  4. I’m in Australia and my meds are pretty cheap here. I checked his site and even after currency conversion it’s still cheaper. Incredible (obviously can’t get them through his site and it is only marginally cheaper but just out of curiosity I wanted to compare)

  5. I hate how they call her a premie. It’s like they’re waving off how serious it is to keep this baby alive.

  6. I took it more of a “she’s a preemie so this could be especially dangerous”

  7. She was a kid (or barely an adult) put in charge of caring for her preemie sister while her parents were out. She noticed her heart rate dropping and called 911. I don’t know how you get that she’s nonchalant

  8. I’ve pulled my RATs apart a lot and most have a little line like this at the start of the test strip and it’s usually completely hidden under the plastic. I’d say negative but maybe get a PCR to be sure

  9. To be an indigenous voice to the elected members. Considering how incredibly hard it is for Indigenous people to hold any positions of power in this country, it is a position to ensure that parliament gets their perspective on things which will affect them.

  10. We have a record number of indigenous MP's currently, well exceeding the % of indigenous population in Australia.

  11. And those MP’s are there to represent their electorates. They are not there to be a voice for Indigenous peoples.

  12. I grew up on Metallica, and have also loved stranger things since season 1, so it’s so cool seeing shit like this. Just the song being used was epic but it just keeps getting better and better.

  13. It's not a surprise, they're all as useless as a bag of dicks

  14. A bag of dicks may have quite a lot of uses, depending on what kind of dicks and how big the bag is. Like, throwing dicks at anti-vaxxers, for example.

  15. Why do all politicians have such short memories of their crimes?

  16. When you do many illegal things it’s impossible to keep track of them all

  17. I was so relieved to learn about these from watching the show! Now I don’t have to lug my record player around with me wherever I go /s

  18. I don't understand how different Melbourne could be to Sydney regarding shopping. Is melb cheaper? Bigger variety? Better shopping district? I'm assuming you're talking designer level shopping here too btw.

  19. I find Melbourne easier to walk around CBD shopping than Sydney CBD. Too many hills in Sydney and things seem to be much closer in Melbourne

  20. Just full confirmation that it was an election day stunt. What a shower of absolute cunts.

  21. That’s my personal favourite part and tbh, if I were a monarch, I’d probably use that as an excuse too. Though maybe not to kill people. That’s a bit far IMO.

  22. Do NOT buy online from any of the Global Retail Brands - House, Baccarat, Bessemer, MyHouse, PetHouse, RobinsKitchen, YourHomeDepot, House Bed&Bath.

  23. Nah, these guys do a closing down sale, sell nearly everything then stock it all back up and go again. Same location has had about five-six rounds of this in the last four years that I know of

  24. Yeah nah, I won’t even sing that word in the car on my own. I swap it out for fella’s.

  25. Circa 30% of conceived pregnancies are inviable and end up with natural abortions, for some women this number higher, for others lower. When a couple badly wants to have a baby, they often do tests on the 3-4 th week after conceiving, way too early. That's why some of those couples have several miscarriages in a row - they did testing before mother's system tested the baby's development.

  26. 3-4th week of pregnancy? Or 3-4 weeks after conceiving? Because those are two very different things

  27. Your buildings aren’t built for the heat so you’re probably better off outdoors under some shade or in a pool … they have pools there, right? /s for the last part

  28. It shows their stupidity to compare the freedom to exercise your human rights with slavery. Anti-choicers are the side who are bringing back indentured servitude - the forced and non-consensual use of peoples bodies (and genitals) to perform unwilling labour (gestation and birth) and provide products (babies), with no payment, restitution, or ability to refuse.

  29. Delusional is absolutely the right word for it yet somehow it doesn’t seem strong enough for their special brand of delusion

  30. Is it normal for fundies to give a long explanation of what the names mean and why they chose it? I don't see this amongst my peers with their baby announcements but it seems kind almost every one here has some type of explanation and where in the bible it came from

  31. Didn’t we just agree to use a common-sense approach when it came to these cases and people who had lived most of their lives here wouldn’t be deported? Was that a fever dream?

  32. I’m a teacher. Any combination of “ayden” in the name pretty much guarantees your kid will be a shit. Jaydon, Braydon, Kayden, ZAiden, Aidan, etc.

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