1. Yes! Comes from a small neighborhood in South Africa, the only known locality it exists in. Comes in pink, yellow, clear, so pretty.

  2. Can it be purple with a little orange or would this be heat treated?

  3. Same with the seam of some underwear! Calvin Klein underwear always have the worst seams but I love the texture of their stuff.

  4. Highly recommend grinding out the field office task line along with sellbot! No need for factories any longer but I agree they are repetitive and boring. Field office made sellbot hq fun for me. The toon resistance task line really works well with it.

  5. I feel ya. For the past months i have been asking myself “what the fuck are you doing to yourself, you have got to stop” the proceed to smoke my “last” bowl. But yesterday, I decided that this is it, it’s gonna be a hard stop. So I locked all my things (pipe, grinder, etc) not yet sure what I’m going to do with it maybe throw it away. Also thinking of deleting my dealers number so I won’t contact him.

  6. Delete and throw away comforts me. Temptation is less in my opinion and it makes me more confident in myself and decision. Commit to it

  7. Isn’t this the client being fired and not the lawyer quitting? lol

  8. Try taking frequent showers to decompress or looking for saunas at local gyms if any are close to you. Or even exercise overall sweating helps distract and alleviate.

  9. Literally me the past 3 days cause I keep procrastinating groceries 👀

  10. I hate grocery shopping until after I go and can eat again

  11. unlimited map size and unlimited villagers in your island.

  12. whats a stat? is it how many times a contestant has been up for elimination or..?

  13. What the fuck is this stat system, i mean i have heard of it but like tf is a stat?

  14. Honestly when I make a call that works and my teammates completely ignore me and do something else that doesn’t work. I never yell at people when they do this but I definitely stop talking and scream internally!

  15. Having maxed Toonup (or rather, up to juggling cubes) makes your Toonup gags 95% accurate though.

  16. It is my understanding that all toonup has 70% accuracy besides high dive at 95%

  17. You're forgetting about trackExp; for Toonup, you gain 5% per level you have in the track. It is indeed 70% when you first start with Toonup, but it hits accuracy cap by Juggling Cubes because of this.

  18. I believe the accuracy cap is the 70. I think it starts lower

  19. I had luck with making a group on toonhq but reserving it in the comments for others looking for 18+ cogs

  20. I had been wanting to for a while. I told myself If i could find 20 reasons to quit within 10 minutes, I would. Some overlap, I could have kept going though. hurts my stomach, hurts lungs, makes me hungry, makes me crave sugar, makes me overeat sugar, makes me feel bad about sugar, makes me feel bad about body, feel bad about face, feel self conscious, nervous leaving the house, overthinking talking to people, not talking to people, feeling bad about not talking, feeling bad about not working, bad about smoking, makes me binge video games, feel bad about being home a lot, feel bad about using around josh, feeling out of it, feeling like this isn’t real, not caring about living, not caring about what i do, not caring about what i eat. The night I wrote this down I did not quit. The next morning I received a message from an old friend that our mutual childhood friend had overdosed and passed. I was a panic angry crying disaster. I listed these reasons but this is what really shoook me. He was only 16 and he deserved so much better. That was my last day smoking.

  21. Yeah my dude, you're wrong. Don't double down. The intention here is to be negative against the OP and the OP doesn't deserve cavities, which is the implication, from not brushing their teeth. We only started brushing our teeth as a species in the last like 100 years.

  22. Commenter is not saying op deserves the pain of a cavity from not brushing. Commenter is saying not brushing your teeth may result in cavities down the line even if you don’t have the bacteria for it right now. Commenter implies that there shouldn’t be celebration for no cavities because it can change quickly especially with continued poor hygiene.

  23. You must not be from the south... That entire statement from the commenter in the photo, social awareness or otherwise, is demeaning. You don't ever tell anyone they deserve anything. You have now triple downed on a negative viewpoint. It's okay to be devil's advocate, it's not okay to say the commenter is right. When they definitely are in the wrong.

  24. What are you implying about the south here ray of sunshine? Deserve - do something or have or show qualities worthy of (a reaction which rewards or punishes as appropriate). Not cleaning your teeth is worthy of a cavity! There is validity to that statement and validity to the context in which it was provided! Has nothing to do about negativity. Facts don’t have to be positive, and op went looking for facts from professionals in the field.

  25. I also had a beach birthday and it was great

  26. A semi is exactly what you described; somebody who purposefully doesn’t train a track or multiple tracks. You will find many different answers as to why someone might do this. I personally got bored of how easy the game was with all tracks and sound especially. This doesn’t really make it more challenging but a little more engaging and needing to think a little more about all the rewards and options you have.

  27. I’ve experienced this as well. I would confuse hunger and cravings and just keep smoking and avoid grocery shopping.

  28. Sorry for the drama but diarrhea is the biggest concern here. Definitely see the vet if it continues

  29. Weed made me super isolated. I was a closet smoker so I wouldn't leave my house unless I absolutely HAD too. I wouldn't take pictures , I wouldn't FaceTime people, and alot of the time I wouldn't answer my phone for fear they would hear it in my voice . I'm 27 days sober , I am absolutely loving being able to do all the things I was scared of doing before. I was super shocked people liked me sober .

  30. Right here with you on the closet smoking. Felt like such an idiot letting that phone ring from someone I wish I could talk to normally, but being too high and looking high. I was too embarrassed to answer.

  31. Bad idea IMO. Why do you want to get so fucked up on your birthday? You quit for a reason

  32. You right. It’s because every year that’s what I used to do. Get lit on my birthday and I thought one night wouldn’t hurt

  33. I’m not going to try to convince you that you wouldn’t enjoy getting high on your birthday. What I will say is just one day has turned into months and years for me. You never know how much one day can knock your confidence and streak. You might like it SO much you go to the dispo next day. Next day turns into next week and so on. You’re on top of it right now man I wouldn’t risk it over one day. This year maybe you can do something you never would have wanted to or been able to while high.

  34. These are very low doses. If you’re not worried about over indulging I wouldn’t personally call it an addiction. I would consider this healthy consumption but it’s really up to you to decide.

  35. I feel this man! I quit for 7 months myself and was tempted to try a joint one time while on vacation. Just a single joint. I’ve been using every day since then and that was 2 years ago. Now I’m back on day 6 and that’s only thanks to my cat who passed last week. I knew I needed to stop again to properly grieve. I know some people can try it again and not relapse and I hope you are one my friend. It’s so hard to not give in though, way harder than I ever expected. Stay strong!

  36. I had a childhood friend pass away last week to an overdose. I’ve been wanting to quit for a while but man did that really really flip the switch for me. He was only 16. Sorry for the loss of your cat. Wishing you the best sober healing ❤️‍🩹

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