1. Maybe it represents that Cudi feels depressed day and night?

  2. Highlights is MAD overrated. And Yeezus is a Top 1 album, hands down.

  3. You called this mildly satisfying? Don't underestimate yourself, this is absolutely satisfying!

  4. Have you seen/heard Kanye's VH1 Storytellers concert? - It completely changed my opinion of See You In My Nightmares, obviously doesn’t feature Wayne and has a much better feel to it with the live orchestra. I think it's still on YouTube if you haven't.

  5. I have not, I will check out. And after months I don't think it's MID anymore. It's a good song. Just not on the level of the others.

  6. Kanye West Kid Cudi Kendrick Lamar Tyler, the Creator Earl Sweatshirt Eminem Run the Jewels Drake (Old Version) Linkin Park Joyner Lucas (he has a great mixtape, okay.)

  7. There something crazy on my arm is a wack bar. But other than that it gets too much slander. But hey...Kanye has too many great songs.

  8. I guess I need to ask you to define what you mean by "Freak Out"

  9. I had like a little panic attack and a impending sense of doom when I listened to the bridge it for the first time in a while.

  10. Huh. I remember when the album was released. I remember being bored with it by the time Drain You came around.

  11. Everyone has different taste in music anyways. I'm not even a Nirvana fan (I like a handful of their songs) or a huge rock fan. I love hip-hop. It's just that the bridge gives me chills and slight anxiety for some reason.

  12. This take is the biggest L ever and you can not change my mind

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