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  1. one is in the box at a 180 degree angle while the other is in at a 193 degree angle

  2. how do u make the funko concepts?

  3. I have five that share the spot of top favorite. Lucifer & Cain from supernatural, a pansexual colored Deadpool, a half split Spider-Man and Deadpool, and a black light Deadpool !

  4. are the pansexual-colored deadpool and split spidey-deadpool customs? they sound awesome!

  5. Ngl this is kind of creepy. Why would one make action figures for such a personal and intimate life event.

  6. i don’t expect funko to actually make my concepts real. i just like making them!

  7. These look amazing! I made a trench version if you wanna check it out

  8. Did you design this in photoshop or the actual app? I think these are really cool 💕

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