1. Steven ate 2 large Lindt bunnies at Easter a few years back. He only left the wee bells behind. That’s how we knew. Full day at the vet and a stomach pump. Vet pulls out two perfect red ribbons and gives them to us as a reminder. Also; he was not sick, did not show any remorse.

  2. We don’t get snow, so my boy hasn’t experienced. We are visiting your beautiful country at Christmas, wish we could bring him.

  3. Haven't bothered to watch a game of rugby in probably 5 years, but we are glued to the screen.

  4. My Boston hardly ever farts now I’ve found the right food, and have stopped treating him with ‘human’ food. So I’m guessing the farting issues are very diet dependent

  5. My boy Steve is allergic to grass, gets this rash after grassy walks. We just wash him down after his walk and it usually goes away within a day or two.

  6. So good!! It’s even the same toy!!! He / she’s desperate. If only we could get them together.

  7. It’s not even a fun game. It’s called; I have Redbone. You want Redbone? You can’t have Redbone.

  8. I had literally said to my colleagues the day before ‘it would be nice to spend my birthday in lockdown with my family’ …..next minute. After the first two weeks I felt terrible that I had somehow manifested it.

  9. It’s so scary, Steve also suffers and it’s just exhaustingly emotional. Our love to you and your guy. Steve is doing well now due to his meds, but it was horrible at first. ❤️

  10. I’m glad to hear Steve (great name btw) is doing well on his meds. We got our most recent med change yesterday so I’ve got my fingers crossed it’ll help him.

  11. Steve is on Pexion, I thinks that’s how you spell it. In case that’s an option for you.

  12. Switched Steve to a freeze dried ‘fancy’ food when he was 3 years old, and he almost stopped farting overnight. They must just have very sensitive tummy’s.

  13. My Boston is super jealous too. He won’t let our friends pat their own dogs without a huge show, tries to get in between them. It’s embarrassing.

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