Mark Cuban explains his new prescription drug company

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  1. Yeah. Not my thing either. But people love that throw back to the Aussie pub rock thing.

  2. Lead singer did a song with UK band Sleaford Mods which is interesting. Kinda UK chav meets the Aussie Bogan thing.

  3. It's an odd one. I think it's guys trying to embrace the old Aussie look. Drinking export, mullets, hard yakka, footy and meat pies. Enforcing the I'm a straight, alpha male, thing while there's a lot of guys who are openly gay, bi, pan and everything in-between and you don't know from looking. That's my take on it anyway.

  4. I guess everything is cyclic. Despite so many people that live through the 90s saying it was shite and had nothing to offer, it was an incredibly culturally rich decade - especially for alternative music. The fashions of the 90s were pretty good too and are definitely making a re-emergence with young people. You can see it in things like skateboarding, etc. It's 'wicked' that this is happening! :)

  5. Big pants and big shoes are coming back in skateboarding for sure. Cassette tapes. Early rave and techno vinyl has become pretty sought after. Definitely cyclical

  6. Getting old. I need to increase my exercise. Been getting lazy. Try to walk more... knee starts grinding. Play cricket... shoulder hurts like a motherfukka. Ride my bike... lingering covid issues "not today!"

  7. Will you change your name to steveinthegreenmumu?

  8. List of diseases that have caused panic:

  9. Yep. Yep. Yep. The only bug I have with this record. Is the previous owner scrawled on the label of mine in green texter. Hate that shit. Anyway. What a tune. What a producer. Any mail on what happened to him?

  10. I heard a story on a nature documentary some years back about critters down in Oz. They mentioned magpies and their notorious “swooping season”. They told this story about a 12 year old girl was riding her bike and supposedly there was a nest nearby and it swooped down pecked her right in the eye. She was bloody blind in that eye for about 8 months but they were able to save it with surgery. This wasn’t out in the bush either this was like downtown Brisbane. Crazy that!

  11. Yeah. Magpies will swoop you for sure. Mostly will just skim past your head which scares the shit out of you. Rare to get pecked. So she was seriously unlucky. People ride around with zip ties attached to their bike helmets and all sorts of things to ward them off. I also read something about maggies as they are commonly known , and how they remember you over the years. So if you live near a nest, might as well pack up and move.


  13. Jump on discogs. Punch in the catalogue number. It will show you all the releases and differences.

  14. Not being a cow, I don't drink milk, so the debate is lost on me

  15. Coffee Chill for ever! Harvey fresh flavours all a close second.

  16. I remember finding one in a restaurant on the top of a ski resort in the Swiss Alps. It's was box looking thing, straw on the side - Tetra Pak?? Anyway. It's was a moment. My Swiss friend thought I was nuts. I bought 2.

  17. That was there about 2pm. Took ages. People had steam coming out their ears, being proper pricks. I'm looking at you, lady in your Mercedes SUV.

  18. Just tragic how fucked up America is. Home of the free my arse. Here in Australia, I just got my script filled for $5. If I wasn't on benefits, it would be $15ish. Last year I ended up in hospital due to shellfish allergy. Ambulance was free. Hospital stay was free. 2 EpiPen free.

  19. There’s a covid respiratory clinic in Vic Park. You can book online and the appointment is free (and you don’t need a referral). I was heavily symptomatic for three weeks but after seeing them and getting a fistful of prescriptions, symptoms went in a few days.

  20. I’m having the same issue 6 weeks post covid, as well as a sore throat every few days that never progresses to anything more

  21. I was born in Leicester but moved to Australia at a young age. Have never seen Leicester play. Every time I'm back it's outside of the season. Every. Fucking. Time.

  22. I was born with one kidney. Renal agenisis I think it's called. Only found out recently. And I have not been kind to my body over the last 25 years poor little kidney. I call him Sidney

  23. I’m so confused as to why a legit copy of Geek was in a record store in Iowa lol. But I’m definitely not complaining

  24. I fucking wouldn't either! Very hard to find. I've given up looking. It will find its way to me one day.

  25. This. This is the answer. We should not try to erase the dark past, but instead learn from the history so that we may have a brighter future.

  26. Agree, some great tunes came from him and remixes too. Love Watch Out!

  27. Perth boi here. Kinda windy at the moment. This weird wet stuff is falling from the sky as well. Worlds ending I think.

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