1. I don’t get it. You’re looking for a photographer? You want people who are looking for a photographer to hire you? What does this have to do with Iceland exactly?? And that’s quite a liberal application of the term “celebrity.”

  2. Well that’s one way to get around the log not being in place.

  3. I mean the vote against Elizabeth was unanimous and convincing that many people to switch their votes at tribal council is nearly impossible. I think they chose to just stay the course rather than rock the boat only to most likely get the same result plus a pissed off Angelina.

  4. Agree with 42; love the winner but that’s about it. Have to disagree on WaW - if anything I think it’s underrated on this sub.

  5. I'm there next week in a 2wd suv I am reading horrible things about the conditions on 711 - How is 590 on the forgotten peninsula?

  6. 590 was already in great condition as of April. It’s a gravel road but well maintained with occasional potholes to look out for. Just take it slow, which you’ll want to anyway to enjoy the views.

  7. I also heard that in late August and early Sept, the water might be released from dam, and water won’t be crystal blue. Do you know if they release any schedule?

  8. I’m not aware of a set schedule but yes, that’s certainly a possibility.

  9. On the south coast for this summer? Yes, indeed. Have you considered camping? That will also give you more time in the highlands.

  10. It will usually be clearly marked on the website. Almost all of the local companies, and several international ones (but apparently not Enterprise), allow their SUVs on most F-roads. Examples include Blue and Lotus, two popular local companies often recommended here.

  11. Yep, I've been carefully looking at what we want to do. I've got a purpose built 4runner at home, but using a rental is a dicey proposition.

  12. If you’re only doing the south coast then you could do Höfn and back in 4 days with full but manageable days in the summer with a camper. That will allow you to see Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and the diamond beach, with great glacier views along the way. Skaftafell National Park is also worth spending at least a few hours in and has a campsite.

  13. Lots of good replies here already and also more in this thread from just a couple of weeks ago:

  14. Then you’re good. I’d also think about weighing down your tripod when it’s windy.

  15. Yes, road conditions not trail conditions, that's why I asked. :) I've been checking SafeTravel en Vedur semi-obsessively during my stay here, so I'm aware of the exlamation mark, but I plan on doing it on one day anyhow and I've got good gear to get through the day and I won't try if the weather's harsh. The only thing I'd like to know more about is how snowy the trail currently is and likely will be, and I haven't found a reliable information source on that so far. Do you have a suggestion?

  16. I did the hike several years ago in mid-June and the middle section between the glaciers was covered in heavy, wet snow. It was slow, hard walking in hiking boots with light crampons. It was also very foggy up there and I could see how people might get lost and die, which has happened there in the past, hence why doing the trek in bad weather or outside the summer months is strongly advised against. I would interpret that SafeTravel warning to mean that the snow is still too heavy to hike without special equipment.

  17. Okay, I thought the warning was perhaps mostly there to state clearly that the hut was still closed, but I'll take your warning seriously, especially since I plan on hiking it on my own. Maybe it's better to go to Thorsmörk, do some easier day hikes there and inform locally before crossing Fimmvorduhals to Skógar if conditions allow it . Thanks for the warning.

  18. I think “Winter conditions” is the main warning and the note about the hut being closed is secondary, especially since the exclamation mark is red, which would be overkill for just a hut being closed. It’s possible Fimmvörduháls will be accessible in 12 days, that’s right around when I hiked it and it had just opened up for the summer. But yeah, I’d have a Plan B just in case.

  19. If you’re taking days off that you would normally be working to do specific activities that you normally wouldn’t do otherwise then I think it fits the definition of a “staycation.”

  20. Some of it I would do normally but I’ve starting using vacation days to do specific acvities. When I have stayed in hotels in NYC I’ve done those sorts of events too, which are also the same kinds of things I do on vacation elsewhere so idk 🤷‍♀️

  21. Makes sense to me! When I lived in NYC, I took a week off before I left just to experience the city as a tourist because you don’t really do stuff like that when you live there. I get it.

  22. Thank you! This looks interesting!

  23. If you have time, I highly recommend reading it before you go and spending a day in the northwest visiting the locations in the book. I did that on a previous trip and it was one of my favorite (and spookiest) days I’ve spent in Iceland. We spent the night in Hvammstangi, a quaint village with beautiful fjord views and some nice options for apartments/guesthouses.

  24. Returnees from pre-HvHvH. I’ve been watching since season 1 but I’ve seen plenty of Rob, Sandra, Coach, Parvati, etc. at this point. 40 closed the books on the “old school” for me. The next returnee season should be Second Chances with all post-Game Changers players. We’re now coming up on 10 seasons without any returnees except a few of the winners.

  25. It is definitely possible that conditions shifted that quickly. It’s shoulder season in the highlands… 18 hours is more notice than a lot of people get. If anything they should have managed expectations by alerting you to that possibility when you booked. Many tour operators do so.

  26. I’m not sure exactly what place you’re referring to but pretty much the whole Reykjanes peninsula is covered in mossy lava rocks. You won’t have any trouble finding them.

  27. It is closed during the spring thaw, around March/April, to protect the ground from too much foot traffic when it’s muddy. It’s been reopened for several weeks now. I suppose it’s possible they could close it at any time if it’s getting more traffic it can handle, especially if it has rained a lot, but that would be the exception and not the norm.

  28. To the extent “home stays/farm stays” are a thing in Iceland, which isn’t much, it’s not really a thing at all on the south coast (a relatively sparsely populated area) during peak season (when tourists far outnumber locals). You’ll need to book a hotel/guesthouse/hostel just like everybody else. Or rent a camper or tent and stay in campsites. When are you planning on going?

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