1. all she has to do, is give the church her stuffed bear now. and have faith and follow their every command... and maybe she'll be rewarded the bigger stuffed bear...in heaven. long after she is dead.

  2. When you need the murder capital of the world as an ally, it says something about your regime

  3. easy pickings, Americas "drug war" and other CIA activities spanning from the 50s-now. you're going to see a lot of Latin and south American turn to China for security and economic help. historically American help was just installing a loyal dictator...

  4. Madara controlled it before he fused hashiramas DNA to his. So no, you can control bijuu without hashiramas DNA.

  5. He only realized that power after biting off a piece of his fleash... sorry bud your head cannon is wrong

  6. He controlled kurama before he bit off hashiramas flesh my dude. Ur the one headcanoning here.

  7. Producers and writers blaming Actors... historically i don't know who to believe. if they were so easily fired how did they really stand in the way of anything....hmmm.

  8. satire is norm meant to be a clear joke/paordy and not be taken seriously by anyone. Mindy legit doubles down on her crap thinking she being smart with views.

  9. oh? or her publicly doubling down drives the outrage. I'm not a fan of hers but shes kinda doing that kind of humor with Tina Fey for like a decade, and i would call her dumb either. but whatever also don't watch "adult cartoons" all the creators of those things are weirdos anyways

  10. just like television, and social media platforms, streaming services will also drum up outrage for views. if they got 100 people to sign purely just to see what the hype was about. totally worth it

  11. This sub really is, just "I found this record, how much money can I get for it?" Now...

  12. I thought it was a white supremacy OK sign. Too bad they co-opted it.

  13. Nazi fucks co-opted it in recent years for some dumb reason, but the circle game has been around for decades. Funny how a few hateful assholes can ruin a fun game that kids play.

  14. People say the same thing about the swastika, but people using that symbol have split blood, Dillon Roof used that symbol

  15. Of course, I have he is an old friend. He's really sad without his

  16. I think one can argue the hatred Sasuke had for his brother and dedication caused by it was more "ominous/foul" than Kurama's nature ig

  17. So these men, believe women do not enjoy sex. Yet get upset when women don't want to have sex with them?

  18. Orochimaru. Life is cheap in that universe, why not be an immortal collection of thousands of snakes...

  19. Plot Twist, is a Trans-Man. Just caught a bunch of Terfs

  20. The moment you forgot about how heavy cars and Simi-trucks are

  21. Because they see Obito as an anti-hero. And since Itachi is like the actual hero, they hate.

  22. Reminds me of African American GIs, being forced back into segregation post war and stripped of benefits like the GI Bill.

  23. Yeah, Radioactive Records. It's right down the street

  24. Who else feels the Government is about to reimburse them....

  25. Like my blood, I flow like shifting sands.....

  26. Im in my late 20s and still have acne for the life of me can't find out why my parents said I'd outgrow it 😂 nope until I can afford a dermatologist I'm screwed. Dozens of soaps, diet change, sunshine, exercise nadda I'm convinced it's stress

  27. So only when mermaid is black you go all "reeeeee"

  28. No you where saying black people need to stay in thier lane and only play black stuff. And because even though there is historical context for a black person becoming a samurai. Making fantasy stories around that concept is wrong...

  29. If it comes down to it he would probably approve at the end for Sasuke and Sakuras marriage

  30. You understand how clans work? He would be matched with a distance suitable cousin. They keep strict track of thier bloodlines for such purposes.

  31. and corrected himself immediately and publicly

  32. Don't trying to use that "scientific method" flip flopping once your make a mistake you're forever wrong! Unless we personally like you that is... lol

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