1. I managed to keep my crashes low (like once a day) after i capped my FPS to 120 (on 165Hz display) and ran the game in DX11 (in DX12 the game crashes every 5 minutes, even capped at 120Hz)

  2. I have 2 EVO neither of them works with the app

  3. For $550 i've got a RTX 3080 Suprim X last week

  4. hello!! i have a question again, if you don’t mind answering bec this would help a lot - what are the measurements of the crusher evos box? so i can buy a gift box online to put it in i’m rly in need of an answer for this

  5. IM SO SORRYCFOR VERY LATE REPLY but this helped so much thankyou, i’ll be giving his gift later today !!!!!

  6. I've had the regular Crusher for a while and got an Evo and gave the Crusher to my GF. After my GF seen that the EVO are far better than her Crusher i got another EVO for her Bday. They both performing great, but the EVO has a clearer deeper bass and they last long with one charge. We are very pkeased with the EVO's

  7. That's good though. I'm sure a lot of people missed it the first time.

  8. Yep, i was în hospital when the RE event was active and now i have the chance to get the appareals

  9. The Red heart one, for reaching level 25 în Sheppherding

  10. Most of the players don't do DZ because of other toxic players în there.

  11. Also do you have any reccomendations on coolers?

  12. I had a 5800x and with Thermalright ARO-M14o the CPU was cooled quite well. Now i have 5800x3d and using the same cooler. I recomemd getting PA 120 or AK620

  13. I have two Evo's, both are pairing well with all phones and my pc

  14. That 8 pin (4+4) in the 2nd photo is for CPU power ONLY. For GPU power you MUST use the dedicated 8 pin (6+2) -

  15. Am I supposed to have the 8 pin plugged in the cpu power header or the 2x4 pins ?

  16. Can you post a picture? the CPU powercable (4+4) can only be inserted in the CPU header (different PIN layout from GPU connector) -

  17. Friday my game crashed like 3 times în a couple of hours, but în the weekend i played a lot and didn't crashed at all. Playing on PC on 5800x3d and 6900XT.

  18. The only reason to go in there any more is to get the comms, if you're into collecting all the things. I try to jump to the nearest door to the comm, get it and gtfo, rinse and repeat for the others.

  19. Yep, i did that to, and like a month ago i jumped in with 2 random guys and we farmed a little (like 1 hour max) to get 150 DZ coins to get the Rock'n Roll shotgun. After 1 hour , couple of guys gone rogue (NOT the players i've been with) and killed us, i even got 1 kill. After that never stepped in the DZ -

  20. Sudden crashes in games, some BsoD , instability

  21. But what if your motherboard is 5000 series ready and I upgrade from a 5600x to a 58003dx ? What would happen

  22. Even if on the box is mentioned that it's Ryzen 5000 ready, you must update the bios for the 5800x3d, if you don't update the system will not boot

  23. What? Everything is fine there, every fan has that 1-2mm of travelling

  24. Yep. I tried yesterday to do the 30 floor summit but after just 10 floors i gave up because of the LAG. On PC EU server

  25. You will gain like 3% or less switching from 2070 Super to 3060 -

  26. A friend of mine sold his 1050ti for 130$ and got a 6600xt for 180$ used în warranty

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