I Built a Barroth out of Lego!

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  1. Agreed. Pinterest clicks are potential buyers and facebook clicks are zombie mode users just watching cat videos. There’s a difference

  2. So what was your conversion rate on Pinterest with these ads?

  3. Looks great! Did you build any other monsters as well? Would love to check them out!

  4. Seems like you would want a more “national” approach. Most people are moving across town but you could market this to people who are moving several hours away. You could go even more niche with this and specialize in cross country moving. You could write a ton of content specifically about all the ins and outs of a long haul move.

  5. Interesting idea. Thanks! :)

  6. Another point to consider is that owners sometimes overvalue their apartment. So for example if you are looking for soemthing modern you might get an owner who renovated 10 years ago with crappy materials and think their unit is « modern ». Hope that makes sense.

  7. Oh ok. Nonetheless, thank you for your input.

  8. First of all - congratz! Secondly, I have two questions since your business idea sounds really cool and I'd love to know more about how your business operates.

  9. Wow it looks awesome! Gives me Cuphead vibes. Love it!

  10. Looks cool! How do I join the program?

  11. I would suggest first and foremost heading over to our website to read the full guide which explains exactly what you need to do to get started.

  12. (Depending on your product) FB Ads.

  13. Oh my bad. Didn't notice this option. My apologies.

  14. Wow these look really cool! Good job man!

  15. Not everyone who exercises in a gym regularly will automatically be a good entrepreneur (no offense tho).

  16. Looks really cool! Saved the post to watch the video later.

  17. Wow this is amazing! Love it :)

  18. Consider adding more images/videos of your product.

  19. I think it'd look much more professional if you put it on a separate (sub)page.

  20. Wow this is really impressive! Now turn it into an MMORPG.

  21. Actually 'if many people sell, less buyer will be' is the exact reason why we say 'money loves silence' (or 'big money loves grave silence').

  22. But in both LLCs and S Corps profits should be split accordingly to ownership percentage right? Unless I'm missing something.

  23. Just search for user testing sites (I watched some YouTube videos for more personal suggestions/vetting) and then you have to pass the practice tests- which just require you to be detail oriented, well spoken, and able to use basic technology.

  24. Can you recommend any specific sites to begin with for a newbie like me? Would really appreciate it!

  25. Thanks! Will check these out :)

  26. No worries, appreciate the kind words. Any way I can contact them to mention it?

  27. Unfortunately I don't know. Maybe try DMing them?

  28. This post should be pinned by mods on top of the sub. It'd definitely lower the number of "why am I not getting sales?" type of posts. Thank you dude for sharing your advice! Really appreciate it!

  29. Question is - do you make profit or do you lose money? For some people 18k impressions and only 150 visitors is a sign that they should change their product (simply because it doesn't have much of a market interest). However, I personally think (not necessarily recommending you to do so - just wanna share with you what I'd do if I were you) that if the store is profitable (so as long as you're not losing money) I'd keep running the ads (I'd of course experiment with new things for sure adn try to optimize the ads more) to make as much profit as I can with this product and quit when it starts losing interest (when it stops making money).

  30. Bro thank you for this important information. I am going to start working on your idea

  31. Always happy to help! Keep in mind I'm not an expert tho (I consider myself a hobbyist lol).

  32. How exactly do you acquire new clients? Do you message them directly (sth like cold outreach)?

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