1. No one in the right mind could call the 2018 movie anywhere near solid.

  2. Solid meaning enjoyed once, might watch again in a couple of years- absolutely. Same as Uncharted, Pirates of the Caribbean after the first one, National Treasure. I rank them slightly higher than most Dwayne Johnson movies and the Jumanji reboot series.

  3. I mean typically when companies do that they decrease the package size too. This is just another level of douchebaggery

  4. I’ll say beyond the whole controversy at the WC, Gio also was really out of form/not fully fit when he did play.

  5. Yeah, I wasn’t surprised at all that he was 4th given fitness and form behind Pulisic, Weah and Aaronson. If he had been 100% healthy all career he possibly would have been first- but that’s not how circumstances played out.

  6. Did the math on my taxes and looks like I may owe about $10k in federal, so that’s a bit disappointing. I’m lucky that I can pay that without breaking too much of a sweat. I just don’t understand how my “normal” withholdings from my employer could be so far off (Single, NK, full 401k max, standard deduction, etc…) Are most people doing hundreds of $ of additional withholdings? Any tips?

  7. Yeah, I had a boss who was about 39 in 2008 when the last recession hit. He and his wife both stayed employed. He retired about age 42 in 2011. He and his wife were both making about $200k a year so $400k combined. I never got the sense he was about to retire but the financial opportunity developed. He wound up getting a great deal on a house due to the crisis so he spent 2012 fixing up that house and made about $200k profit on the project. Then he just stayed retired after that.

  8. "purgatory" - I mean this honestly, do most people hate their job? I'm asking because I'm not terribly fond of mine, but it's ok. However, most people I talk to just go on and on about their careers as a point of "oh look how important I am" and I just wonder if everyone else loves their work.

  9. I see most people dash out the door at 5:01. Sure they get a sense of satisfaction and purpose from it, but it’s definitely not what they would most want to be doing at that moment

  10. Tell that to Ramos for Portugal. He was a sub for the group stage, then started over Christiano Ronaldo for the round of 16 and scored a hat trick. It was his first ever start for the National Team yet he was ready willing and able. Who knows what would have happened if his coach told him he would have a “limited role”.

  11. Maybe Gio would’ve been great in a limited role off the bench?

  12. All GGG had to do was NOT be a dick. Express that Weah won the starting role but that we anticipate using multiple attacking substitutes who will absolutely be able to be impact players. Glass half full vs smashed on the floor

  13. Really funny seeing well-written posts here just get demolished in the comments. People treating buying rental properties and knowing how to leverage as “winning the lottery”. I love seeing success stories even if they are out of reach for myself. I hope this community would learn to be more positive.

  14. It’s survivorship bias. Nobody writes a post about losing money on fixer uppers. Yet it happens all the time. However it’s certainly possible to treat flipping as a serious job and be good at it. So the story is essentially “work 2 jobs and make a lot” - which is obnoxiously obvious advice.

  15. Hello - many people are here TO prepare for the inevitable layoff ot two that will happen in their lives. We’ll all face bad times. By investing I now have enough resources to cover a couple of years unemployed and stay fed and in my home.

  16. You absolutely must understand your taxes and health insurance costs to even have a FI number. Sure estimating is fine a decade out but you absolutely should understand what your taxes and insurance will be for pulling the plug.

  17. True! I didn't provide any of that in the original comment. Texas does seem to be a low COL state, although owning a car is needed and a big part of my curiosity. I had to inflate my budget from last year just to cover fuel costs. I wouldn't say half of the bills is entirely accurate. You would only need one house, one car, one electric bill, for example. Consumables and insurance increase costs per person, however my intent was on a single person. It seems 750k-1.5M is the really comfortable range, and this is all assuming your accounts would survive with an average return hopefully somewhere north of that 3%, correct?

  18. It’s not about your portfolio returning north of 3%. A portfolio returning only 3 to 4% would not allow your safe withdrawal rate to grow with inflation.

  19. It costs $80k to summit Everest not including gear rental or flights

  20. Yeah I was about to say the same. The “best gear” for hiking Everest includes joining a guided tour with a reputable company

  21. There is never too much Star Wars. But there was a terrible episode 8 & 9

  22. I used to say “no such thing as too much” as well, but this hotel is the line. If asked what does “too much” Star Wars look like it’s this.

  23. Got a missed call from my boss while vacuuming the house. Called him back 15 minutes later:

  24. You have two job opportunities. Which do you take? (All benefits, PTO, flexible schedule and commute distance assumed equal)

  25. Legit 35 hours a work and you’re paid more sounds amazing! As long as your commute is not super long you come out ahead and still have at least 1/2 day a week to run personal errands!

  26. I know the popular opinion here is that we should look away from the causes of this tragedy because it’s “respectful.” I just don’t agree at all. Tragedies like this deserve intense scrutiny. If at Toppers they just give you bottles of liquor and let you get as shit faced as you want, and that leads to very drunk driving and members of the football team are STILL allowed to go there after people just died after going there, isn’t that indicative that 1) Toppers shares blame and 2) there needs to be a culture shift at UGA football? Can’t Kirby ban the club for team members and staff? Also, is Toppers letting people drink underage by just handing the whole table a bottle? These are important questions. Because we can’t undo the accident, but we can work to prevent future accidents. So many of y’all are so focused on protecting Chandler’s memory, because if she was drunk driving she bears a lot of blame for the accident, that you aren’t realizing that there are other people to blame, and by looking away you’re letting them off the hook, and by letting them off the hook you’re risking letting this happen again.

  27. We should have a designated driver program available for team members from downtown Athens. I personally believe that is exactly what happened and this was simply an accident.

  28. Then why was she seen leaving the strip club? They have security cameras, that she’s on, has no one said when she entered? My understanding is she had taken them to the strip club and was at the strip club with them.

  29. Does that somehow mean she isn’t the designated driver? It’s very normal for the DD to be with the group and not drink

  30. I’m sick of the constant interim titles. The actual champ is literally on the same card

  31. Don't mind the semis change. While the challenge is to do 10 obstacles, the first half of the run is so dull that it's mostly skipped in airing now. If they make it like a Stage 3 upper body challenge, with a race element and Vegas on the line, that has a lot of intrigue to me.

  32. Would look insane to have 15 year olds looking identical a year later. Fingers crossed that we get 2 seasons aired this year

  33. So then the FIRE target from the calculator is what my investments need to equal to spend 100k a year no adjustments needed?

  34. Yes, and if you are using 4% SWR the answer is $2,500,000 without any other income sources like social security or pensions. You can use that as a check figure before changing any of the assumptions to match your desired risks/ expectations

  35. That’s where I get confused 2,500,000 means I can spend 100,000 for the rest of my life if i retire today. Don’t I need for then 2,500,000 when I retire in 20 years because of inflation?

  36. Yes, you will need more nominal dollars 20 years from now. Just like you are entering today’s expenses you are being told the FIRE figure in today’s dollars

  37. I almost always punt catcher in leagues where I have 13 or more starting hitters. I find replacement level stats at catcher are ok when I can instead have someone with higher stats at utility instead.

  38. You forgot the one on Netflix with the boat that doesn't really tie into the rest.

  39. This time of history is probably the best time for a child to grow up

  40. People of most political ideologies ALL believe this is a horrible time to have children. They believe different things are the problem but all agree that there’s massive issues

  41. Jack is a bit of a wet lunch. I’m hoping John II is going to be Spencer and Alex’s son. I feel like it’s difficult to get fully invested into the characters without knowing where they fit into the overarching narrative and family dynamics. I hope we know by next episode

  42. Think about this - nobody complained in the original Star Wars movie that we didn’t know who Luke’s dad really was . Instead when we found out in the sequel it made both stories even better

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