1. Thanks nate, my cousin said the same thing so ive watched a video about cory eggs and will see if I can hatch them- theres not many though so who knows

  2. I know you said you don't really want to but maybe just starting fresh with a new game and different island layout to start with will be nice. Then you won't have the pressure of your other island making you feel overwhelmed. Or if you want to continue with your old island, maybe you could section it out and just focus on a small area or zone at a time? It can feel huge when you think about the island as a whole, I completely understand. Good luck!

  3. Thank youu :) after reading all of these comments I did feel motivated to start clearing all my hoarded plants and trees and flattening some of my terraforming! If it still feels weird after I do that I will restart 🌸 thank you again :)

  4. If you end up restarting and need/want an island to store stuff on I'm more then happy to set aside a space for you on my island! Just as an option

  5. Awh thank you so much! After reading these replies I felt motivated to check in and ive started clearing my island of all my hoarded flowers bushes and trees and am undoing my terraforming 💖 if it still feels weird after I undo all of that I am going to restart 🥰

  6. Would recommend watching some victoria raechel videos on youtube about hamster care and behaviours - she talks about hamster balls, hamster behaviour so you can understand your hamster better, and also about enclosures (what size they should be etc) and what type of bedding to use and how much. Wood shavings can also be bad for hams. Well done for asking for help, but make sure you do take some time to do some proper research into syrian hamster care - victoria raechel js a great place to start!

  7. Hey folks - just wanted to confirm that free awards have been officially removed as a feature. We understand that this may not be an ideal outcome to some users, but we are noting all of the feedback we’re seeing to the team.

  8. Wow reddit. Way to make a money pinching shit year shitter. Cant we even have one tiny reward sticker every now and then. Makes me want to pay for them even less, I used to buy coins now and then. Not anymore if that’s how it’s gonna be.

  9. Wow I used to use this about two years ago with absolutely no problems consistently, its such a shame its gone so downhill! It feels like everyone is cutting corners to try and make more money these days. Thanks for sharing, I am getting a new (rescue) hamster soon and was going to buy this as its what I used to use! Glad I checked reddit

  10. How is this oddly terrifying…. It is plain terrifying :( :0

  11. OH MY GOD. Me and my mate just played a whole game without properly reading the instructions and got so confused and frustrated 🤣🤣 thank you thank you thank you

  12. If anyone is in the UK and interested in buying SPIRECREST off of me I have a new copy of it that I played once on my own, and it really wasn’t for me (too complicated for me). Leave me a comment if so, I am not looking to sell it for a high price just to give it a good home with a fellow boardgamer who will enjoy it more than me :)

  13. Oh wow, hope no one is too sad to have lost this. The subject of the photo plus the shoe mark makes for a very sad find

  14. Growlithe has always been my number one fave and so I am pretty heart broken they changed them tbh, I don’t really like the new colourway or spikey point in their head :( Also really dont like that their eyes are covered aha 🥲 I started looking at cute fan art to try and change my mind 😂

  15. Mostly when out of the cage, yes but mostly when he's been out of the cage for a decent amount of time. Like in this video this is about an hour into a free roam session.

  16. You mentioned you put him back into his cage if he bites. Maybe he has learned that if he bites you will carry him back to his cage? (I know you said its open and he can go back alone, but why walk when you can get a free ride?)

  17. I used to blow on my hamster when she bit me and she only did it about three times once I started doing that and then stopped- after that she would bery gently take treats from my hand without any nipping or even teeth touching my hand!

  18. I really was not expecting that sound

  19. I was watching this without sound until I read your comment

  20. I haven’t gotten vaccinated yet (I’m fully quarantined since last year) because my health is so bad that I can’t risk having a bad reaction, and there is a sizeable subset of people with ME/CFS whose symptoms flared in relation to getting vaccinated. Some have been flaring for many months and regressed in any progress they made over the years to be as bad as they were at the onset of their ME/CFS. Full blown sensory issues and worsening of neurocognitive stuff and very bad PEM. It is keeping a lot of us from getting vaccinated.

  21. Hello, genuinely curious here. I would have thought surely the long term risk of fatigue and ME flare ups from getting covid is so much higher than effects from the vaccine- as if you do have covid that could cause an even worse illness and then on top of that a worse flare up of ME post-illness? (As the body is dealing with a live infection that is known to cause long covid in some people so has a high risk of increasing fatigue.) Are people who are not able to get the vaccine because of risk of ME flares then having to fully isolate to minimise risk of covid while waiting for a suitable vaccine?

  22. Thank you for your reply - that sounds so hard :( ❤️ I hadn’t realised that this was the case for so many ❤️

  23. Wooow man you wouldn’t believe how happy I am that you think this. Because I tried to make it look like that. Something is wrong here vibe. Also make sure to follow me on my ig (link on my profile)

  24. Urh you nailed it 😩 giving me heebie jeebies

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