1. Hu Tao, Collei, and Fischl are definitely the go-to girls

  2. Adding bigger titty to already big titty doesn't make much sense to me...

  3. This a reference to that Marie Rose animation? If so...

  4. The queen of the land, while acting proper most of the time, tries her best to spend time amongst her commoner and peasant subjects to understand their problems. In disguise, she walks around in public occasionally, keeping her ears out. One fateful trip, however, she stumbles upon something truly saddening: a homeless peasant boy covered in dirt, with nothing but rags for clothes. "P-please, miss, can you help me?" She answers his pleads for help taking him under her wing, even though she must hide him from the rest of the castle's inhabitants. Though he is hesitant and scared at first, his love for his queen flourishes from her kindness...

  5. Yes please can i dm~ I want a beast mommy

  6. Sorry, I'm looking for a beast F, not to be one

  7. Your tits are perfect the way they are, and anyone who says otherwise doesn't deserve them

  8. All so adorable! Hologirls are all perfection, from thicc to thin!

  9. So fucking cute! Mature tomboys are sooo underrated!

  10. "Don't waste such a pretty view on ugly eyes."

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